Sunday, August 19, 2018

Elder Phippen is headed to Toronto Canada

Elder Phippen has been in Toronto Canada for 3 weeks now.  He is absolutely loving it.
in his words. . .
"Hello Everybody!!  This past week was great and I'm starting to get used to this crazy city. All of the Ward members here are so nice and they are so welcoming.  I'm loving all the different kinds of food here.  You have food from everywhere here and i love it!! No matter where you go you can get food from Iran, Korea, China, Japan, Brasil, the Philippines,  and so on. Its amazing.  I love seeing all of the different cultures here as well. Everyone has different backstories and i have only met a few people so far who have said they are from Canada.
The work is also going pretty well.  I have trouble teaching people in Farsi but ive only been learning for 2 weeks so i cant beat myself up too much!! We have had a couple of the people come to church and so that has been really cool.  They have all loved it.  We also have the opportunity to teach and English class twice a week which is pretty cool. A handful of Persian people come to that that we like to talk with to try and learn the language.  The lessons that we have taught are really awesome because its so cool to feel the spirit when you have no idea whats being said.  I love feeling that because i know they can feel it too.  I have learned that that is the biggest thing you can do as a missionary is to help others feel the spirit.  The words dont matter as much but the spirit is what really matters.  I love the spirit that i feel as i help others feel that as well.  The Book of Mormon plays a huge role in that and i know that you can have the spirit if you read it and really study and try to understand what it means.

I love you all and hope you have a great week!!"

- Elder Phippen
    ارشد فیپن
I loved that his brother who is in Peru, Elder Phippen, was able to call when he opened his mission call.  These two have always been so close.  Four years to not see one another is such a long time. 

I have to be honest. . . this one leaving has been hard for me.  This last year we have spent so many hours together.  I have watched miracles come to pass as this boy has fought for his life.  It is tough to watch your babies grow up and leave!!!

Each e-mail he sends home strengthens my heart.  I love how missions teach our children things we as parents never could.  When Daxon received his call, it was for English speaking.  He kept saying "I know I am going to learn a language."  Turns out he was right.  As soon as he arrived, he was asked to learn to teach the Gospel in Farsi.  He could not be more excited!

 After Dax received his call, he fell in LOVE with Canada.  He sang "O'Canada," wore Canada socks, and it seemed all of a sudden, Canadian flags were everywhere.  They were always there, we just never noticed them before. 

 Saying goodbye was much tougher on us than on him.  
He was excited and ready to go.
 One thing I noticed that Daxon did the month before he left is he purposely made time for this little girl.  One night as I was tucking her in he came in and hugged her for over a minute.  He took her on a few dates to the movies and to get ice cream.  He would tickle her after prayer or just tease her for a few minutes.  He was making memories and storing them as a reserve for the next two years.   
 He claimed many times, "I am just excited to go.   I won't be emotional at all to leave.
I would have to fake it if I were."
 He is faking it pretty good, LOL!!!
 He didn't get to emotional except
when he said goodbye to his Dad. I am not sure which one of the two had 
a harder time saying goodbye!
 Britton and I decided to fly out to Salt Lake City with Daxon.
We wanted to spend a little extra time with him before we dropped him off.
 Jake & Alyssa picked us up at the airport.
 It is always fun to be around them.
 The morning before we dropped him off, my Dad and Trisha drove down to Provo. We all went to the Provo City Center Temple and lunch. Then it was time to drop Daxon off.  If we had it to do again ,we would have skipped the Temple that morning, it made us short on time.  Daxon does not like to feel rushed.  I felt a little bad and we wanted to just spend more time with him at lunch.  I am sure that would have been the case no matter how much time we had.
 Two years is such a long time to say goodbye.
 I am thankful for the good friends Alyssa and
 Daxon have become over the last few years.
It has been hard on Britton to have Daxon gone.  This is the first time he has had a room to himself.  I would think this would make most teenagers happy.  I think it has made him lonely. Dax and him hung out a lot over the last few months, even if it was just watching some dumb Netflix series and laughing together. I am amazed how clean the bedroom stays.  I can see who was the messy one.  It was not Britton!  I would clean it and the second Dax walked in, it was a mess again.  I never even see an article of clothing on the floor anymore.  

 The day before we dropped of Daxon, we ate at the Nauvoo Cafe.  It was good, but Daxon is the only one who ordered right. The rest of us didn't understand and we had to order hash-browns separate.

 I love it when I see my children together.
Those moments are becoming less and less frequent.
 Daxon being silly
After 2 weeks in the Provo MTC.
 He made it to Toronto.

 This last week my Dad sent me this text message. . .
"Not sure how you contain your gratitude when you receive testimonies like your sons shared in their testimonies with this week's emails!"
I cannot put into words the gratitude I feel! 
I LOVE you Daxon, with all my heart.  
May the Lord bless you and strengthen you in all things.
You are my HERO!

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

In the blink of an eye... Alyssa Jo Phippen is Alyssa Jo McDonald

 This picture makes me so very 
It truly expresses every moment that day and the day before.
 Over the years, I have had many days filled with anxiety over this day.
Will she choose the right person?  Will he have a good family?  Will he be kind to her?
 I am pleased to say YES to every question.  
She married into an amazing family.  They love her as is she was their own.
Jake is so good to her and so patient.  
They are so happy together and it makes my heart so happy 
for them both to have found one another.

 Jake is so sweet to Miss Ashlynn.  I first knew I loved 
Jake for Alyssa by how sweet he was to Ashlynn.
He always makes sure to acknowledge her and make her feel special.
He knows Ashlynn has had a hard time with her sister getting married and leaving home and he goes out of his way to make it so she is happy about this step in her sister's life.
It's adorable.
 I love how happy everyone is for them in this picture.
It brought overwhelming joy to all of us how many people showed 
up to support this beautiful new couple.
 What a PERFECT way to start a new life together, knowing so many are cheering for you.

 I love how in so many pictures Jake is
 just staring at Alyssa with so much admiration.
How adorable are all these little boys checking out the new bride:).
The handsome groomsmen.

 I think JD became emotional more times this 
weekend than he has in the last 22 years of marriage.
I love how in this picture everything is being done to
 keep the bride warm and dry.
That is thanks mostly to Alyssa's new mother in law.
She is amazing and took care of every detail--including heaters to keep the bride warm.

Right before we thought we would all freeze, Elder Phippen called in to say hello to the new Bride and  Groom.  I am so happy Riley received permission to call.
This was such a fabulous moment.  
It made a perfect day that much more perfect!!

  July 21st 1995 JD and I were married in the Idaho Falls Temple.
The years went so fast, it feels like it was yesterday.
How are we bringing our daughter to be married at the same temple???
I am not sure what I thought my first daughters
wedding day would feel like, but it was a very JOYFUL day.
I absolutely love the new addition you have brought to our family.
 I love the family Alyssa was blessed to become part of. 
They joined her name with his and call her JaLyssa.
  I felt blessed as a mom from day one by how wonderful Jakes family was to Alyssa.
I fell in LOVE with  Jakes family
when I went over to visit right before the wedding.
They had all the stocking hanging on the wall.
One had Alyssas name in it and it matched all the others:).
They had it specially crouched to match the rest of the families.
 That sealed the deal...I LOVE THIS FAMILY!!!

You are perfect together.
May you always 
Have Courage, Be Kind
Live Happily ever after!!!

Happy 4th of July

Daxon and Alyssa were in Idaho for the fourth with family this year.
Yes, that means they got to hold Trishas 
perfect baby before I did.
The rest of us in Iowa went to Adventure land
Some of our friends were also at Adventure land.
The boys Graydon and Pen are some of Ashlynns favorite people.
As I talked to Nichole(the mom) I found out
they came because Ashlynn really wanted them to.
That is true friends:).

You can see that Britton is really loving this ride:).

Actually, I think it is picture taking that he really loves. 

This little girl could smile for pictures all day!!

We had such a fun day

I can't remember the name of this ride
 but it was the only one they waited in too long.
Nichole and Brooke got them Dippin dots
They loved it.

Loved this day.
Happy fourth of July