Thursday, August 27, 2009


The other day a few friends and I got together and made tutus for our girls while the boys all went to a cubs game. After we finished we put them on the girls and let them dance around. IT was so much fun. I forgot my camera sad to say. Just imagine 4 little girls dancing around thinking they are the CUTEST thing ever. It was so ADORABLE!
J.D. was out of town so our friends took the boys to the game with them. SUPER NICE. The boys haven't quit talking about the great time they had. The following morning the boys decided they wanted to be dancers as well as baseball fans as they joined Ashlynn in her dancing affair. Alyssa has decided we need to finish her tutu so that her & Ashlynn can be ballerina punk rockers for Halloween.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

OH what do you do in the summertime

The pictures on this post are really messed up. I was trying a new idea and it didn't work. I could have fixed it by re-posting everything but I didn't fill like taking the time.

Before Britton broke his leg sitting in Ashlynns sink was a favorite past time. The kids have also really enjoyed the banzi this summer. I like it but it is a lot of work and my lawn has a huge dead spot.

This swing was Ashlynns favorite while we were camping. Anyone could swing in it as long as they held on to her. If it wasn't her turn the screaming was very loud.

The kids have all decided they should get one on one time with dad. The other day J.D. won 2 tickets on the radio to a barnstormers game. Alyssa and him went and had a great time.

Riley & him went fishing. Riley couldn't have been happier. He caught as he puts it "A nice delicious bass."

We have been having the kids help with dishes a little more lately. For some reason the dishes haven't been getting very clean.

Riley and Alyssa were in diving. I was amazed how much they learned in a few short days. Both had a fair share of belly flops however. OUCH!

Lately I think the kids are becoming bored with summer. Daxon has been swinging in a pink swing that is clearly NOT his size. Riley & Riley have been coloring with chalk. Something a week earlier they said was something only babies do.

J.D. was bouncing Britton on the trampoline the other day and poor britton broke his leg. This has been a huge trial for him. He is usually going a million miles an hour. Yesterday J.D. and him went out to eat, hung out at Sheels, (a big sporting store) And went to a big toy store. Britton walked a little but said he thought it was so cool that he got to hang out in a stroller.

We went camping last weekend. I have vowed NEVER to go tent camping again EVER!!!!! The bathrooms had So many bugs you couldn't walk without stepping on one. The humidity makes the wood just damp enough that it is almost impossible to build a decent fire. We woke up to rain the first morning. We left & went to McDonald's came home and went back later in the day. We dried out most our stuff had a fun afternoon until around 11p.m. or so when a HUGE storm blew in. We piled in the car & returned home for a 2nd time. J.D. went up the next day and gathered our stuff. It was a 40 minute drive & in ONE weekend we drove it 6 times. NOT my idea of a great time. NO we are not the roughing it type of people I guess. If I'm trying to look for the pollyanna side of things, the monkey bridge and swings were really fun. The scenery was beautiful & Friday afternoon another family from our ward was there and it was fun to visit with them. They came prepared with a camper that had air conditioning and store bought wood that burns. We roasted smores with them and had a good time.

Alyssa is always putting a Miley Cyrus picture for hers on facebook. Every so often I have changed it to one of her however she always changes it back. The other day her aunt Trisha said she really needed to put one of herself because she was SOOO much cuter than Miley. Since it wasn't her mom that told her to change it she decided it was a good idea. We got out the camera and did a little photo shoot. I kept saying smile and this is all she would do. She would say MOM get back farther I don't want people to see my teeth.

Sunday afternoons around here are usually spent sitting around while Ashlynn entertains. She is at such a fun & sassy age.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


I came across this video the other day on the simple marriage website. It made me laugh & smile!

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Jana you wanted some pictures of Ashlynn so I finally got around to posting a few. I LOVE the first one of her. It was a the 4th of July parade and she was being SOOO funny. So funny that I left early with her because everyone around was trying to give her anything they could to keep her from screaming because she wanted to go out in the street and join the parade.