Friday, September 18, 2009


My friend made one of these a few months ago and I LOVED it. Whenever we are traveling over an hour or so Ashlynn falls asleep and just sweats from the sun beating on her. Other times we try to unroll the window & hurry to stick a blanket in as we roll it up so that whoever will stop complaining that the sun is beating on them. This totally solves the problem.
They block the sun when you are driving. They make it so you don't need to bring along an Extra blanket. Ashlynn loves pulling the one side up over her face to play PEEK-a-BOO. They are also fun to lay out on the floor and let them use it for play time, story time, movie time, nap time or whatever.

I didn't want Britton to think he was left out so I made one for him. He thought it was great.

Another great thing that my friend pointed out is when you need an extra blanket at the park or whatever you can just grab it and WA LA!

All you need is 2 yards of material for both sides and something round to put in the middle. I used a binki thing mam brand.
I had thought flannel would work best however my friend told me cotton is better for the car. Flannel gets to hot. So it kinda defeats the purpose.
You just hang it on the hook in your car. These are located in the middle on mini vans and it works a little better because it makes more of a tent type thing.

This is a side view of how it blocks the sun on the window
Just for fun you can buy these really cute labels at a craft store just to add a little EXTRA love
(Yes you can barf now.)

This is what the package looks like if you decide to buy some.

Ashlynn was playing so cute then I got out the camera & she decided to be done.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


First of all I have to say Fall (almost)in Iowa is AMAZING. I LOVE IT!!! The weather is so perfect it just makes ya feel all happy inside. School has started and sadly things are moving so quickly in the morning that I always forget to take pictures of Alyssa & Riley. They are enjoying school however as are Daxon & Britton. I was so excited for them to all be back in school but am missing the noise much more than I thought I would. I am excited for a 4 day weekend to have them around again. I have a hard time with a quiet house. Maybe that is why we have such a LOUD bunch of people around here.


Riley received his arrow of light on Wednesday & advanced into boy scouts. I can't believe how quickly my kids are growing up. It is crazy. Where does the time go.


I have to say taking a boy with a broken leg who needs to be pushed in a stroller most the day & a toddler to an amusement park is an ADVENTURE in deed. I can vividly remember thinking that day "this is INSANE". However the mind works in a magnificent way. I look at the pictures and only remember HAPPY- JOYFUL times. After a week has past & I have forgotten why it seemed so hard. It was truly the greatest day EVER!!!!

J.D and the older kids rode on the big rides most the day. J.D. is getting weak in his old age. HA HA he had to search the park for some motion sick medicine. By the end of the day Alyssa was so sick to her stomach that she couldn't even look at the spinning rides. Riley and Daxon could have kept going for days.
Britton was all about the little rides. Breaking his leg has made him very cautious.
This is a good and bad thing. It has created more work for me.
Ashlynn was a go getter all day. She LOVED the rides and HATED the lines.


Britton FINALLY got his cast off. What a GREAT DAY.

Ashlynn is always walking on her tippy toes. I think it is so adorable. So you can imagine my joy when I found this shirt the other day. I was so excited. The best part is they were buy one get one free. How great is that!!!. Some may say GET A LIFE. To that I say I have a great life especially when I find a great deal. I get a HUGE thrill out of buying little girl clothes and finding a bargain. You could say it's a hobby, can that be a hobby? Well it is one of mine.


This was another one of those times when during the game you say this is INSANE!!!! The kids won't sit still, someone has to pee every 10 seconds, Ashlynn is crawling all over like a monkey, you are going to go broke with bribery treats, you and you husband look at each other and wonder WHY ARE WE HERE? Lets go home! But you stick with it. You say to yourselves we can make it through this. Then the end of the game comes the fireworks go off the kids sit quietly in awe and as you look around at your children all you can think about is this is such a great night. The next morning comes and Daxon says. That game last night was so much fun, thanks for taking me.

Your heart fills with joy & all that is remembered is what a wonderful time you had.
The game=FREE our awesome friend gave us tickets
The food=EXPENSIVE with a family of 7
The look on their faces when the fireworks go off=PRICELESS