Friday, September 18, 2009


My friend made one of these a few months ago and I LOVED it. Whenever we are traveling over an hour or so Ashlynn falls asleep and just sweats from the sun beating on her. Other times we try to unroll the window & hurry to stick a blanket in as we roll it up so that whoever will stop complaining that the sun is beating on them. This totally solves the problem.
They block the sun when you are driving. They make it so you don't need to bring along an Extra blanket. Ashlynn loves pulling the one side up over her face to play PEEK-a-BOO. They are also fun to lay out on the floor and let them use it for play time, story time, movie time, nap time or whatever.

I didn't want Britton to think he was left out so I made one for him. He thought it was great.

Another great thing that my friend pointed out is when you need an extra blanket at the park or whatever you can just grab it and WA LA!

All you need is 2 yards of material for both sides and something round to put in the middle. I used a binki thing mam brand.
I had thought flannel would work best however my friend told me cotton is better for the car. Flannel gets to hot. So it kinda defeats the purpose.
You just hang it on the hook in your car. These are located in the middle on mini vans and it works a little better because it makes more of a tent type thing.

This is a side view of how it blocks the sun on the window
Just for fun you can buy these really cute labels at a craft store just to add a little EXTRA love
(Yes you can barf now.)

This is what the package looks like if you decide to buy some.

Ashlynn was playing so cute then I got out the camera & she decided to be done.


  1. cute blanket idea! I cannot believe how much Ashlynn has changed! She is so dang cute!!! WE can't wait to see you. Love all your cute ideas. Travis says "HI" to Riley. Love ya!

  2. I can't believe how long Ashlynn's hair is all of a sudden. I wish I was coming with Dave next week.

  3. What a cute idea! I totally want to do it! Ashlynn is looking so big. I cannot wait to see you guys! Jaxson watched the video of Ashlynn dancing and when he saw Britton said, "Whoa, Britton might have gotten big!"

  4. Oh my gosh so smart! My girls hate hate hate the sun in their eyes while we're driving or if the sun blocks the movie screen on our long car rides. I've just always tied the blanket to the bar but this is so much better! thanks for sharing.

    I was at church on sunday (in Iowa) and I was ad that I didn't get to see you...hope you're doing well.