Sunday, October 18, 2009


Last night we attended our yearly tradition of going to NIGHT EYES. This will be our family Halloween fun for the year I think. On Halloween we will be traveling.
This year they were handing out Taco John coupons. That made the evening that much GREATER because dinner was included in the nightly event.
A taco & candy what more could you want?

Ashlynn thought the whole event was so great.

Alyssa was FREEZING the whole time.

Yet remained pleasant.

Britton was SOOOOOO Happy Jana sent him a Luke Sky walker costume.

Loves IT!

Ashlynn had candy in her mouth all the time. The girl LOVES candy. I bought her a shirt the other day that says "CANDY MAKES ME HAPPY" fits her perfectly.

Daxon wanted a picture next to this pumpkin. He thought it looked COOL.

We wish you all a very Happy Halloween.


  1. Your kids all look so dang cute. I can't believe I get to see them in person in a week and a half. I can't wait. I love all the pics, but my fav. is the first one with all of them. I miss them all so so much.

  2. Oh my kids grow. Our babies have the same car seat. I love it! O.K. and you look hot. You are so skinny! So good to catch up with your cute fam. Hope Iowa is still being nice to you.

  3. Your kids costumes are great! Wow we miss the fall in Iowa! Hope things are going good for you guys. We miss you!

  4. Cute Pictures! I hope your travels are pleasant:)