Monday, November 23, 2009


The other night Wendy had Troys birthday party at deleta. Ashlynn LOVED going around in circles. She thought that was great fun
The other kids all had a great time being with cousins, skating, and eating cake& ice cream.

I love this picture of Alyssa laughing at Ashlynn. She has such a great personality.

Trisha & Travis took alll the older kids to play Laser tag. They were beyond excited.
Thanks Wendy for a fun filled evening. We all had a great time.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


The first day was filled spending great times with J.D.s family. J.D.s mom had a HUGE nice dinner and 6 of the 8 sisters joined in the fun.
J.D. was Loved by all. Under this mob of little children is where he could be found. I think he loved every minute of it.

The following night was spent spending time with my family at an all you can eat pizza place. As you can see ice cream was a favorite on the menu. My awesome sister then took ALL of my children home with her and J.D and I were able to get away for some very needed R&R in Idaho falls for a couple days.

We came home gathered the kids and left to Salt lake. We spent the next few days spending time with J.D. We loved visiting the Salt Lake temple visitor center. The peaceful spirit is always so strong their.

The older kids suggested the little kids do build a bears with dad. I think dad enjoyed this as much as the kids.

I was so impressed by the older kids who didn't once complain about what they weren't getting but were excited for the younger kids to have this special time from dad. J.D kissed the hearts before they put them in the bear and told them his heart was always with them no matter how far away he was.

I LOVE this picture of you hunny.

Then came the day we all wished would somehow never really come. We arrived at the airport where we had to say good buy.

At times I felt like I couldn't breath and that I was going to DIE for sure. Even now I can't comprehend how I will live a year without this man. My father in law brought my dad down to drive us home for which I am truly grateful. It helped my children & I hold ourselves together a little better leaving the airport than we would have been able to otherwise.

We miss you J.D. and are already counting down the days until your leave. My Dad & our other family members are taking extremely good care of us.

We love you too bits!

Our first NORMAL? week in Idaho

The kids started schoolBritton rode the bus to school for the first time ever. He felt pretty awesome.
Took Ashlynn to the petting zoo. She loved it

She gets to play with some of her little cousins on a daily basis.

We had the 1st snowfall and the kids were in heaven. First thing in the morning they were at the sledhill. News channel 8 showed up and thought these kiddos are crazy lets put them on the news. They thought that was pretty great.

The other day I look out back and see this basketball being jammed at someones head. I go out to tell the boys that is not appropriate & find they are having the time of their lives. They are playing TACKLE kickball with a BASKETBALL. The best part I didn't get on video but this gives the general idea.

Monday, November 16, 2009

The look on Ashlynns face in this picture fits her personality perfectly. She is always moving and wondering what she can get into next. It is amazing to me how kids can be so adorable & yet so much work at the same time.