Tuesday, November 17, 2009


The first day was filled spending great times with J.D.s family. J.D.s mom had a HUGE nice dinner and 6 of the 8 sisters joined in the fun.
J.D. was Loved by all. Under this mob of little children is where he could be found. I think he loved every minute of it.

The following night was spent spending time with my family at an all you can eat pizza place. As you can see ice cream was a favorite on the menu. My awesome sister then took ALL of my children home with her and J.D and I were able to get away for some very needed R&R in Idaho falls for a couple days.

We came home gathered the kids and left to Salt lake. We spent the next few days spending time with J.D. We loved visiting the Salt Lake temple visitor center. The peaceful spirit is always so strong their.

The older kids suggested the little kids do build a bears with dad. I think dad enjoyed this as much as the kids.

I was so impressed by the older kids who didn't once complain about what they weren't getting but were excited for the younger kids to have this special time from dad. J.D kissed the hearts before they put them in the bear and told them his heart was always with them no matter how far away he was.

I LOVE this picture of you hunny.

Then came the day we all wished would somehow never really come. We arrived at the airport where we had to say good buy.

At times I felt like I couldn't breath and that I was going to DIE for sure. Even now I can't comprehend how I will live a year without this man. My father in law brought my dad down to drive us home for which I am truly grateful. It helped my children & I hold ourselves together a little better leaving the airport than we would have been able to otherwise.

We miss you J.D. and are already counting down the days until your leave. My Dad & our other family members are taking extremely good care of us.

We love you too bits!


  1. These pictures make me cry. You are in our prayers, J.D. Our Primary talked about you on Sunday. We were talking about service. We hope the time goes quickly.

  2. Well hello there Lori. It's been awhile I would say.....I can't believe that JD's time is already here. I still remember talking to you that day at the RS Service group for Valentines, and you were telling all of us about his next leave. I know you will make it through. You are such a strong person, and an amazing mother. It sounds like you have a lot of family support too. Miss you guys

  3. My family is the best. I love you guys!!!

  4. I love this post - except that it made me emotioanl the whole time I looked at the pics and read your comments. We love you guys and I think you are so strong Lori! I'm so glad your home. Love, Rae

  5. You guys are such an example! I loved this post. Take care!!

  6. I've been thinking about you a lot lately wondering how you're doing. I remember when we talked about JD leaving. You are such a strong woman! your family will blessed and I am praying that this year goes by SUPER SUPER fast for all of you! you're an awesome mom and lady and you'll be blessed...I just know it!

  7. I am lost for words. I am sitting here trying not to break down into a full blown crying attack. I love how strong your Family is and how supportive your kids are to each other. A mothers dream come true. You are in good hands. We wish JD A safe return.

  8. Along with everyone, we all hope this time goes by quickly, and pray that JD will be safe, and that you will have peace and comfort! Thanks for being such a great example of love and sacrifice! Your kids are lucky to have such wonderful parents - I'm glad you're in Idaho surrounded by family, I know it makes such a difference. Good luck and have happy, happy Holidays.

  9. Lori- it looks like yall are having fun out there! I hope this goes by fast for yall and for JD. you are a brave woman.
    JD- you are a brave man with alot of admiration from all of us back here.

  10. Thanks for posting on my blog, Lori! I am behind the times, I see you have moved back to IDaho. I know when working with at the YMCA that you missed your family A LOT! Great you can be back there with all your family. You must of moved between Halloween and Thanksgiving?! Merry Christmas!