Monday, December 14, 2009


Mom can't breath for the first time, Thanks to me, she never stops movin yeah yeah. Thanks to you being gone I can usually whine & get
I have become obsessed with tearing things off the Christmas tree. I think it is such great fun.
I love how it drives

I have been playing in the snow for the first time ever.
I love it for about the first 5 minutes.

I think climbing ladders is great fun and have no idea the danger involved.

luckily my mom is smart enough to stay close by.

Hot chocolate after playing in the snow is a favorite pastime the last few days.

All the little cousins love Riley

This is me making a letter to send & making my very own drum with mom. I'm still not quite sure where to place the stickers.
This is my new drum. I think it's great fun.

I am a pro at eating spaghetti these days?

Troy was Baptised and it was really fun going out to Raft river for the baptism. Wendy had dinner and dessert it was great. The cousins love any opportunity to get together.

The boys are all still crazy as ever when we get together.

Ashlynn has learned how to say ALL of Jana's kids names. Yesterday she was walking around yelling gray gray it was pretty cute.

Alyssa is loving have so many aunts around.

This is a little glimpse at the downstairs tree. We decided to do it patriotic
in your honor.

Alyssa had her first choir concert. 1 1/2 hours long. WOW. It was fun to see all the new songs she is learning.

Our kids are getting too old. Britton was the only one who wanted to see Santa. Ashlynn wanted nothing to do with him & the rest the kids thought they were way too old. I told them it worked for me. Santa will be happy to only have to bring presents for 2 kids this year. HA HA

Britton also had a little concert. He was so happy that Grandma came. He mentioned how happy that made him about 100 times that night. Concerts at this age are always so adorable.

This is me
since you've been gone!


  1. Very cute post Lori! I don't know how you do it all and with a smile!

  2. Lori - I love all your posts and pics. very cute! I laugh at all the pics of the cousins and their funny faces (namely my children - surprise surprise.) Your the best! I bet JD enjoys hearing every little detail about your life. Tell Alyssa her concert was great! Your the best! Love, Rae

  3. Ashlynn cracks me up! She is such a cute girl. Have a great holiday this year - I love your patriotic Christmas tree! J.D. is lucky guy to have such a wonderful family waiting at home for him.