Sunday, December 20, 2009


We made Christmas cookies this week to take to people. However because the kids wanted to be SO much help Only a few were healthy enough to give away & we ate the rest.

Ashlynn loved frosting and making cookies. She thought she was in heaven. I thought man she is adorable and man I do not want to clean up that huge mess she is making.

We had to have the kids help in shifts. These 3 were the first helpers.

Ashlynn was the I'm not going anywhere this is too much fun helper.

These 4 were the second great helpers. I always dread making sugar cookies. They are so messy. But I love how much the kids love helping & how much they enjoy it. I guess that makes them worth the mess.

Earlier this week I bought this HUGE ball for the boys for Christmas so that they didn't have to keep using Ashlynn strawberry shortcake one. Well I forgot to hide it before they got home from school. It worked out great though. It was a beautiful day & kept the kids entertained forever.

You know you live in Idaho when it's only 34 degrees and you think it's warm enough to not wear a coat.

Earlier in the week when we had snow the boys played outside for HOURS.
This is Daxons snowball. He is pretty darn proud of it.
This is his brother thinking it's fun to break it to pieces. The parts that the weather hadn't already melted that is.

Ashlynn & Britton played on the trampoline forever the other day. They had so much fun It was super cute.
Riley had a band concert I was impressed how good the 6th graders sounded.
We tried a MILLION times to get a GOOD Christmas picture. We used the timer and man Ashlynn was going to make sure that at no time was she going to participate in this. So in this picture right before the timer went off we grabbed her over buy us as fast as possible and she kinda smiled. Not at the camera but hey what fun would that be.
This picture I thought was so funny. This is how I found her sleeping the other night. She would not go to bed without her tutu. She has about 6 stuffed animals under her. I'm not sure that can be very comfy.


  1. cute pictures! you are always so photogenic, i'm jealous. i love taking pictures of my kids sleeping too. alex is the famous one for being found in weird positions. ever since he was a newborn, he's been a really mobile sleeper.

    i've never known a 6th grade band to sound good. you must be really lucky!

    it's funny how ashlynns clothes and stuff have changed while doing the cookies. kids can be a mess can't they?

  2. Cute pictures. I've done sugar cookies a few times, but we don't do them often because of the mess. Maybe we'll do some this week. though.

  3. Your kids always seem to find fun where ever they are! I can't believe how big they are getting.