Sunday, January 31, 2010


Due to the fact that J.D. was not around this year I was not excited at ALL about the pine wood derby. I didn't want to bother other people with it and yet Daxon really wanted to participate so I went and bought a 15 dollar car. It was cut out & had stuff with it to put it together. Well after looking at it I started realizing I still had no idea how to properly put this thing together so that is didn't totally stink in the race. Well I told Daxon how about I take you out & we skip the derby he said nothing and the next day after scouts his cub master calls and says, Dax seems a little worried about the derby I would love to help him. I gratefully agree and the next week take Daxon to his home & he helps him for an hour & a half just on wheels & axles. Daxon was so happy and couldn't stop talking about all the things he had learned. All the things I bought other than the car could not be used so his cub master helped him with ALL of it. Then at the derby in his division he came in 1st place. He was so happy as was I. I am so thankful for his cub masters help and for the joy that Daxon had from doing so well.


Ashlynn turned 2 this week and I can't believe it. where has the time gone. Ashlynn is the funnest little toddler. All day on her birthday she was just so giggly and happy. Ashlynn has always been a little dardevil. She is not afraid of anything except nursery. She really loves strawberry shortcake & my little pony stuff.
The kids were as excited for Ashlynn to have a birthday as she was to be having one. It is always so fun & cute how they all interact with her.

Grandpa got her a radio flyer and she is doing amaizing on it. I am surprised how quickly she has figuried it out.

We had cake and ice cream for breakfast. She actually ate. Usually she is not much of a breakfast person. She loved opening her presents. She got lots of book stuff since books is all she ever wants. She LOVES books

I made her the little bag with the wonderful help of my mother-in-law for Ashlynn to carry her books around in.

This little tent she thinks is so wonderful. She loves to go inside and read all her little books.

Ashlynn is such a little blessing and has brought this family so much joy.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


The boys received these from the good old SANTA himself. They have loved them. They are actually getting pretty good at them. They also have a jump that they can use with them if I ever figure out how to put it together. Daxon has tried helping but even his great skills were not enough. I'm secretly happy it's kind of a scary jump. By spring when I want to stay outside long enough to figure it out the ice should be gone and they will be a little more advanced.

Monday, January 11, 2010

I'm getting old and worn out or she is A LOT OF WORK!!!!

This little princess has decided sitting is not for her. She would prefer to stand on tables chairs anything at all really. She wants to eat on the table not in a seat. That is if she will eat...

Mostly she just wants her sippy cup. I decided NO MORE she needs to eat more. Last night after TWO hours off her having a major fit i gave in at 3 A.M. I decided she needed her sippy cup because my patience no longer existed.

I admit I am most of the problem. She will have a fit and I will think is it really that bad if she is on the counter. Then she will do something funny and I will record it and take pictures. After looking back at these pictures I realized I am a very bad teacher of behavior. I am going to be more strict I decided. However I'm not sure when. I hate to listen to her fits It's easier to let my 1 YEAR old win. Sad I know!

The other day I got her out of the tub and all the sudden I hear SPLASH . Yes she got back in she acted like she was being totally normal.( why would she think that was normal?) I took a picture and laughed to keep from screaming.

I am DILIGENT at keeping markers up & away however somehow in the few seconds I wasn't looking TADA. Luckily it was washable. What a great invention!

The video below is adorable and a great indication of parenting gone wrong. But hey she's happy and that's worth something (RIGHT?) even if it creates WAY TOOOO MUCH WORK!
The video would not download but it was funny take my word!

Monday, January 4, 2010


Alyssa LOVES her keyboard and is learning new songs on it daily.

As always Christmas P.J's on Christmas eve. This year sadly Ashlynn, Alyssa and I were the only ones who drove around looking at lights and singing Christmas carols. Without Dad the boys said it didn't sound fun and they didn't want to go. So they stayed and played with the new toys they received from Grandpa and the girls went to look at lights.

Britton got this marble thing and his mom could not figure it out for nothing. I said we may have to put it in the box for the next year until dad comes home. Jeremy luckily came to the rescue. Not only did he put it together he taught the boys how to do all the other designs on their own. They loved it and have stayed entertained with it for hours.

Miley and Ashlynn got matching outfits. Ashlynn is very sad her little friend is moving to Boise.

The biggest hit of the day was their Jerseys. After the 3rd day of wearing them I said no more you cannot wear them tomorrow. As I went into their room to put some shoes away I noticed 3 Jerseys hung up on a hanger PERFECTLY. I think it is the FIRST thing any of those boys have ever hung up. I thought it was pretty cute.
Ashlynn loves her little table and food. Books are still her favorite however.

The family party at Jeremy & Lacey's was super fun.

Jana made all these cute shirts for the kids with the number they are in the family. Getting all the kids to do a picture was no easy task. at least in this one they are all in it.

It makes me laugh just to look at it. All the kids are trying to escape and parents are throwing kids back and clicking pictures as fast as they can. Kids are too much fun.

We also hung out over at your parents a lot and it was a lot of fun. The kids all loved seeing the cousins and spending time playing the wii, eating and just visiting with everyone.