Monday, January 4, 2010


Alyssa LOVES her keyboard and is learning new songs on it daily.

As always Christmas P.J's on Christmas eve. This year sadly Ashlynn, Alyssa and I were the only ones who drove around looking at lights and singing Christmas carols. Without Dad the boys said it didn't sound fun and they didn't want to go. So they stayed and played with the new toys they received from Grandpa and the girls went to look at lights.

Britton got this marble thing and his mom could not figure it out for nothing. I said we may have to put it in the box for the next year until dad comes home. Jeremy luckily came to the rescue. Not only did he put it together he taught the boys how to do all the other designs on their own. They loved it and have stayed entertained with it for hours.

Miley and Ashlynn got matching outfits. Ashlynn is very sad her little friend is moving to Boise.

The biggest hit of the day was their Jerseys. After the 3rd day of wearing them I said no more you cannot wear them tomorrow. As I went into their room to put some shoes away I noticed 3 Jerseys hung up on a hanger PERFECTLY. I think it is the FIRST thing any of those boys have ever hung up. I thought it was pretty cute.
Ashlynn loves her little table and food. Books are still her favorite however.

The family party at Jeremy & Lacey's was super fun.

Jana made all these cute shirts for the kids with the number they are in the family. Getting all the kids to do a picture was no easy task. at least in this one they are all in it.

It makes me laugh just to look at it. All the kids are trying to escape and parents are throwing kids back and clicking pictures as fast as they can. Kids are too much fun.

We also hung out over at your parents a lot and it was a lot of fun. The kids all loved seeing the cousins and spending time playing the wii, eating and just visiting with everyone.


  1. Lori it looks like you had a very fun Christmas. Cute pictures. I also love the sugar cookie ones. Adorable!!

  2. hey you may not remember me but i am alyssa's friend from 2nd grade at ellis and still talk to her sometimes! but anyways u are caowboys fans too we are HUGE cowboys fans!!!!

  3. by the way tell alyssa hi from Michaela

  4. i have the greatest kids in the world. Their mother is the best person I know.