Monday, January 11, 2010

I'm getting old and worn out or she is A LOT OF WORK!!!!

This little princess has decided sitting is not for her. She would prefer to stand on tables chairs anything at all really. She wants to eat on the table not in a seat. That is if she will eat...

Mostly she just wants her sippy cup. I decided NO MORE she needs to eat more. Last night after TWO hours off her having a major fit i gave in at 3 A.M. I decided she needed her sippy cup because my patience no longer existed.

I admit I am most of the problem. She will have a fit and I will think is it really that bad if she is on the counter. Then she will do something funny and I will record it and take pictures. After looking back at these pictures I realized I am a very bad teacher of behavior. I am going to be more strict I decided. However I'm not sure when. I hate to listen to her fits It's easier to let my 1 YEAR old win. Sad I know!

The other day I got her out of the tub and all the sudden I hear SPLASH . Yes she got back in she acted like she was being totally normal.( why would she think that was normal?) I took a picture and laughed to keep from screaming.

I am DILIGENT at keeping markers up & away however somehow in the few seconds I wasn't looking TADA. Luckily it was washable. What a great invention!

The video below is adorable and a great indication of parenting gone wrong. But hey she's happy and that's worth something (RIGHT?) even if it creates WAY TOOOO MUCH WORK!
The video would not download but it was funny take my word!


  1. Ah, two-year olds. I have the same problem with Seth. He has climbed in the tub fully dressed more than once. AHHH!

  2. It's a good thing shes so dang cute!!! I miss her to bits. So, I kinda love the one of her that she colored on the wall, she looks like shes showing off her famous painting or something... shes so proud :-)

  3. You have a lot of really good excuse to give in! Just go on . . let her color on the walls!!

  4. Oh boy...she was a beast before you have so much fun to look forward to if you keep letting her run your life!!

  5. I love all your pics. sooo funnny. Ashlynn definatly gives you a work out. Have a great day lori!

  6. I don't know what to say....Sure I could give you advise but the truth of the matter is my own advise isn't working for me so I will spare you this time.