Thursday, April 29, 2010


Britton has been obsessed with stacking cups lately. It keeps him busy so I am okay with that other than I keep finding cups EVERYWHERE.

The other day at the circus at intermission time we went down to ride the ponies. Ashlynn & Britton were so excited

After the ride as we pulled Ashlynn off she went CRAZY. She cried kicked & screamed it was pretty funny.

Alyssa was so cute walking around in circles with her.

Ashlynn thought she was so big!

I was so excited for the circus & it proved to not be my cup of tea.
It took MONEY to keep Ashlynn happy.

Everything we bought she thought should be hers & hers alone.
The cotton candy was her favorite. Alyssa & Britton snagged a handful & she took the bag.

Everytime someone needed a drink all heck broke loose. So most the time the little stinker had the pop.

The popcorn was the same MINE MINE MINE.
We also ended up buying mike n ikes she was so sick by that time that she let the others have them. They were happy. GREAT TIMES!

Sunday, April 25, 2010


I love how Britton is just talking away in this picture & Houston is checking out whats going on behind him.

On Saturday the wind was blowing I thought it was FREEZING but these boys had a blast & played & played at the skate park at Jensens grove.

I was amazed how good they have all become just since Christmas. I love how much they all look so into what the others are doing & saying.


This is her after Alyssa & I made her get in the car after forever. She had hurt her leg enough she had to limp. She was freezing but did not want to go.

Our boys are growing up

Alyssa was so helpful with Ashlynn. She played on the toys with her and never complained at all. For anyone that knows her she HATES to be cold & as beautiful as it looks the wind made it kinda cold. Ashlynn was in HEAVEN the whole time.

I love this picture of Alyssa. The slide went a little faster than she was planning on.


Earlier that day the kids were out in the yard playing ball. It was fun to watch they loved each other & despised each other every other minute.

The boys were trying so hard to teach Ashlynn. It was so funny because she would just stare at them. Then when they would say watch or help her hit the ball she would laugh & laugh.


Sunday Ashlynn wanted playdoh I was so happy it was nice enough to send her outside to play with it so that the mess was not all over the house.

We did a hot dog roast & it was so hot that everyone was burning up.

Britton can ALWAYS be found out on this swing. I guess its like his thinking spot.

This is our little dare devil falling from one of her stunt Acts.

The other day the boys were bored & driving me CrAzY. I said hear is a scout book matches & lighter go build a fire but follow the instructions. They tried really hard to do it just like the book said.

After about an hour of no success. The news paper matches & lighter stuff came out & within minutes they had a great fire.

Friday, April 16, 2010


The warm weather has finally hit. At least for now & we r LOVING it! Sunshine just makes the whole world a better place.
Ashlynn loves to be outside & be aroun her cousins. Lacey & her kids have been our lifesaver lately. They help keep us busy & happy.

Alyssa is happy all the time & so helpful. I would not survive without her help.

Daxon & Britton stayed entertained the other day out catching bugs. Boys will be boys

This is them NOT wanting a picture yet trying to humor me the best they could.

ashlynn kept wanting to be part of the fun. They wanted her to just go away.

She did not think that was fair.
But left them alone & went & found her own fun on the swings.

Soon Britton thought she was having too much fun & started teasing her on the slide.

She did not care too much. She was outside in the sunshine & that was all she needed.

Friday, April 9, 2010


My kids have been so bored on Friday evenings. I usually go out & Alyssa babysits. Well tonight she had a birthday party so I was unsure how to kill the evening. I wanted to do something fun so it wouldn't drag on forever. First I taught Daxon how to make cookies he did a great job and as you can see Ashlynn loved them.
Next I decided to be one of those MEANEST moms in the world. We went out back to WORK!

We raked up leaves & garbage & got the area back by the fire pit looking nice for Summer. I mean it was like 47 degrees today summer has to be just around the corner right?

The boys did NOT love this work thing. They HATED that when they complained I smiled & started singing just whistle while you work. SOOO fun to be the MOM & get to do that. I am sure that although they were complaining on the outside, they secretly were loving EVERY minute of it. LOL

Considering how GREATLY Riley hates working he did a fabulous job helping out .


Ashlynn was helpful she played in the sand.

She also crawled on the haystack about a million times. She wouldn't want down then the next second she was down & crawling back up.

She was just being so adorable. No shoes unmatching socks, uncombed hair, dirty face & ALL.

Britton kept pretending to work as the older boys complained MOM he's getting old enough to really work make him do something. We found a few jobs for him & he did a great job.A few of the branched fell of the tree in Dads back yard so
we cleaned it all up & made a bonfire.

This the boys were in HEAVEN with. They stayed outside with that fire just playing from 5-10:30. It took us awhile but we got an awesome fire going.

I could not believe how perfectly all the kids got along & how long that fire kept 3 little boys entertained. Daxon wanted to sleep outside. I said hunny you would freeze it is suppose to be in the 20s tonight. When he heard that it would be that cold he no longer cared that I said NO.
After about 2 hours into entertaining themselves they all wanted smores so we ran to the dollar store & got what they needed & that kept them busy 2 more hours or so. It was a great evening. I pray tomorrow day will be
just as great .