Thursday, April 29, 2010


Britton has been obsessed with stacking cups lately. It keeps him busy so I am okay with that other than I keep finding cups EVERYWHERE.

The other day at the circus at intermission time we went down to ride the ponies. Ashlynn & Britton were so excited

After the ride as we pulled Ashlynn off she went CRAZY. She cried kicked & screamed it was pretty funny.

Alyssa was so cute walking around in circles with her.

Ashlynn thought she was so big!

I was so excited for the circus & it proved to not be my cup of tea.
It took MONEY to keep Ashlynn happy.

Everything we bought she thought should be hers & hers alone.
The cotton candy was her favorite. Alyssa & Britton snagged a handful & she took the bag.

Everytime someone needed a drink all heck broke loose. So most the time the little stinker had the pop.

The popcorn was the same MINE MINE MINE.
We also ended up buying mike n ikes she was so sick by that time that she let the others have them. They were happy. GREAT TIMES!


  1. I see she is still a little rotten...can't WAIT to have her in nursery! Just kidding. I haven't told Taylor you guys are coming back in August yet, but I know he will be super excited! Hope you guys are well.

  2. We could start charging people to come to our house and watch the circus called "everyday life at the phippen's". I love you guys and can't wait to join the fun again.

  3. That looks like fun! I didn't even realize the circus was here. Ashlynn is such a sweet little angel isn't she?!