Friday, April 9, 2010


My kids have been so bored on Friday evenings. I usually go out & Alyssa babysits. Well tonight she had a birthday party so I was unsure how to kill the evening. I wanted to do something fun so it wouldn't drag on forever. First I taught Daxon how to make cookies he did a great job and as you can see Ashlynn loved them.
Next I decided to be one of those MEANEST moms in the world. We went out back to WORK!

We raked up leaves & garbage & got the area back by the fire pit looking nice for Summer. I mean it was like 47 degrees today summer has to be just around the corner right?

The boys did NOT love this work thing. They HATED that when they complained I smiled & started singing just whistle while you work. SOOO fun to be the MOM & get to do that. I am sure that although they were complaining on the outside, they secretly were loving EVERY minute of it. LOL

Considering how GREATLY Riley hates working he did a fabulous job helping out .


Ashlynn was helpful she played in the sand.

She also crawled on the haystack about a million times. She wouldn't want down then the next second she was down & crawling back up.

She was just being so adorable. No shoes unmatching socks, uncombed hair, dirty face & ALL.

Britton kept pretending to work as the older boys complained MOM he's getting old enough to really work make him do something. We found a few jobs for him & he did a great job.A few of the branched fell of the tree in Dads back yard so
we cleaned it all up & made a bonfire.

This the boys were in HEAVEN with. They stayed outside with that fire just playing from 5-10:30. It took us awhile but we got an awesome fire going.

I could not believe how perfectly all the kids got along & how long that fire kept 3 little boys entertained. Daxon wanted to sleep outside. I said hunny you would freeze it is suppose to be in the 20s tonight. When he heard that it would be that cold he no longer cared that I said NO.
After about 2 hours into entertaining themselves they all wanted smores so we ran to the dollar store & got what they needed & that kept them busy 2 more hours or so. It was a great evening. I pray tomorrow day will be
just as great .


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  2. Lori is the best. I miss days/evenings like this. Time spent with wife and kids is never a waste, even if it is something as simple as a bonfire.

  3. that looks fun. your boys are good workers even if it feels like you have to pull teeth to get them to do it. ur a good mom. love u.

  4. Those pics are all so cute! You have some photogenic kids! The bonfire looks way fun.