Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Easter was Freezing this year. You can tell looking at these kids faces the weather is not pleasant. However that did not stop them from wanting to run out & play & gather eggs.

Ashlynn was not happy that she could not go under the tape until the bell rang.

The older boys were just happy to get candy

Getting all the kids together for a family picture was an Impossible job. It was sure fun trying however. Lacey & Jeremy let us all meet at their house & it was lots of fun.

Terra gave Trisha these adorable Easter treat plates. Ashlynn thought they were brought just for her. The eggs with triangles are just sugar. How cool is that. I thought these treats were so adorable.

I thought these aprons were too adorable not to buy. The girls were going to dye eggs in them but I didn't want them to get ruined so I made them take them off. I know I am so dumb.

Britton & Ash were most excited to do eggs this year. The older kids said they didn't care. however when it was time to dye them they were all over it.

Ash does not have a shirt on because she was getting dye everywhere & I didn't want one to get ruined.

I was not going to do eggs this year but the kiddos had fun & I am so glad that I did.

It was so funny at on time at look at ash she has cracked the shell of her egg & is biting threw it to eat the egg. I peeled it for her & she shoved it all in her mouth. I guess she was REALLY hungry.
While J.D. was home we went to seagull book & got some church games for the kids & they had fun with them all day long. It was nice to see them play nicely without fighting for a timeHOW DO U EAT YOUR PEEPS

This is how Ashlynn eats them

Ashlynn had a ball helping me make rolls & cinnamon rolls. On one of my friends blogs she said they had a tradition of having cinnamon rolls for every conference. I took it over. We LOVE them & her recipe is the BEST.


After conference we headed to the church to fly kites. It was really fun.
The only problem was Ashlynn thought she was the only one who could fly it. Good thing the older kids were so patient with her.

Britton worked on his jump roping skills part of the day.

Who is her mother?

Ashlynn came walking down the stairs today with these items in her hands. It freaked me out. I only took a picture because Alyssa & I were holding the camera when she came down the stairs & we couldn't believe it. I knew J.D. would get a laugh from it after he calmed down also.


  1. These (people) are a few of my favorite things. I miss them prettymuch the most i know of. i think we need to start locking the knife drawer.

  2. What a cute post. I love the peeps, LOL. It was so cold and you can totally see it on the kids faces. LOVE IT! I like the pictures of the kite flying with Ashlynn, ya cant tell her siblings love her, :-) Cute kids that i love so much