Sunday, April 25, 2010


I love how Britton is just talking away in this picture & Houston is checking out whats going on behind him.

On Saturday the wind was blowing I thought it was FREEZING but these boys had a blast & played & played at the skate park at Jensens grove.

I was amazed how good they have all become just since Christmas. I love how much they all look so into what the others are doing & saying.


This is her after Alyssa & I made her get in the car after forever. She had hurt her leg enough she had to limp. She was freezing but did not want to go.

Our boys are growing up

Alyssa was so helpful with Ashlynn. She played on the toys with her and never complained at all. For anyone that knows her she HATES to be cold & as beautiful as it looks the wind made it kinda cold. Ashlynn was in HEAVEN the whole time.

I love this picture of Alyssa. The slide went a little faster than she was planning on.


Earlier that day the kids were out in the yard playing ball. It was fun to watch they loved each other & despised each other every other minute.

The boys were trying so hard to teach Ashlynn. It was so funny because she would just stare at them. Then when they would say watch or help her hit the ball she would laugh & laugh.


Sunday Ashlynn wanted playdoh I was so happy it was nice enough to send her outside to play with it so that the mess was not all over the house.

We did a hot dog roast & it was so hot that everyone was burning up.

Britton can ALWAYS be found out on this swing. I guess its like his thinking spot.

This is our little dare devil falling from one of her stunt Acts.

The other day the boys were bored & driving me CrAzY. I said hear is a scout book matches & lighter go build a fire but follow the instructions. They tried really hard to do it just like the book said.

After about an hour of no success. The news paper matches & lighter stuff came out & within minutes they had a great fire.


  1. Lori - I love all your pics! Thanks for taking my boys to the skate park. They had a BLAST! Your the best. and your right - our kids are growing up way too fast! Love your blog. very cute.

  2. hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

  3. My wife is the greatest mommy in the whole wide world. Anyone that disagrees can come see me. I will change your mind for you.

  4. What a cute post! Don't you just love it when the weather starts to warm up, makes life a little better :-) The boys all look so cute at the skate park, I love that alyssa has her blanket wrapped around her and all the other kids s=don't even have jackets. too funny, i love that girl! ashlynn is as cute as ever. love you