Friday, April 16, 2010


The warm weather has finally hit. At least for now & we r LOVING it! Sunshine just makes the whole world a better place.
Ashlynn loves to be outside & be aroun her cousins. Lacey & her kids have been our lifesaver lately. They help keep us busy & happy.

Alyssa is happy all the time & so helpful. I would not survive without her help.

Daxon & Britton stayed entertained the other day out catching bugs. Boys will be boys

This is them NOT wanting a picture yet trying to humor me the best they could.

ashlynn kept wanting to be part of the fun. They wanted her to just go away.

She did not think that was fair.
But left them alone & went & found her own fun on the swings.

Soon Britton thought she was having too much fun & started teasing her on the slide.

She did not care too much. She was outside in the sunshine & that was all she needed.


  1. Way cute pics! I don't know what I'm going to do when you guys go home! I'm going to be so bored! I love the pic of Daxon and Britton.