Saturday, May 1, 2010


These 2 are such boys. So this was the boys as they went of to bed tonight. They went upstairs got the hats from hunters safety & when I said what you doing? They said these hats are awesome fill the inside. The inside had this soft stuff anyway they were so excited about them. Going on about how hunters safty is free you pay 8 dollars for these hats because they are so great. The other day when I was bringing them home they were talking & saying they could not wait to graduate Hunters safety because they get an ORANGE hat & badge. I had to chuckle to myself an orange hat & a badge the thought "you know your a redneck came to mind lol" if we could all be happy about such a thing.

The hats and the badge. They are now trained & ready to hunt!
This was Daxons target. He hopes to do better next time

Riley did better but thinks once Dad is home to teach him his SWEET skills he will hit the bulls eye every time.

Britton is loving baseball. He loves being the 1st baseman & being up to bat

Today was not pleasant it was freezing but the kiddos all still did a great job.

As much as Britton loves playing he loves socializing. He and Alyssa are like 2 peas in a pod

He hit an Awesome pop fly today. As he was running bases he kept saying how great of hit it was & when he got into home he looks at me & says Man that was a great hit hu mom. I thought well at least he's humble


  1. I love your boys. They make me smile.

  2. Those hats are so stylin! Ha Ha. I love those kids! Britton looks cute playin baseball. Don't you just love the freezin cold days you have to sit out there and watch them play?