Tuesday, May 18, 2010


We had another BBQ the other day & it was so fun. Ashlynn loves being outside when everyone else is

She has gotten so good at her balance on a trampoline. The other day at Scott & rae's she was on with big kids being tossed around and thought it was great. She did not realize even that it was not safe.

THIS IS her nicely EATEN Or NOT eaten plate of food. She never eats anything just makes a BIG mess with it.

This picture does NOT do these marshmallow's justice they are HUGE. We were at win co the other day & Daxon wanted them so I bought some & they are literally the size of 3-4 other ones they say to use a whole graham & Hersey's bar

The boys LOVED cooking them over the awesome fire they built & they loved that Grandpa came out and hung out with us.

This is the boys TRYING to eat one of these delicious hot smo's

Raelynn had everyone out to her house Monday night for a party for Travis. it was so much fun. The food & company was great . Ashlynn LOVES their dog Annie. She just thinks she is the greatest.

Raelynn had us all play this crazy game with a yarn & spoon. You tie the yarn to the spoon & 2 teams stand in a line & each team goes down their shirt & pants WEIRD I KNOW & then the next person goes up. Then you have to undo whats done the 1st team done wins. It was really crazy & fun.

Everyone loved watching Travis open presents. The cake & ice cream were divine. The cake was cream filled YUM!


Enjoying the new presents Travis got for his birthday.

Wendy put Ashlynn & Annalyn in the wagon & pulled them around they loved it.

Britton loved playing basketball. I was sad because my Dad was out playing with him & I ran to get my camera and my dad left before I got back. Britton loved this hoop because it went low enough it made him a pretty great player

These are the amazing flowers J.D.s sister Kelli sent me. I think they are so gorgeous LOVE LOVE them.

Riley had a concert tonight & he looked so nice & did a great job.

He has really enjoyed band this year & it was fun to go watch him play. On the way home he was funny he looks at me & says so do I get a shake for doing so great. I said sure he got triple berry.
This was not suppose to happen this way. Daxon & Riley had been running around the house with Ashlynn on their backs & she LOVED it & was laughing so hard so I get the camera & wham I am surprised someone is not dead. CRAZY KIDS! The sound in the background right before it turns off & ALL heck breaks loose is me FAVORITE? part.


  1. I sure am missing out on alot of stuff this summer. We are going to have our work cut out for us to make up for lost time.

    I love you guys!!!

  2. Love your post Lori! You took more pics of my kid's birthday than I did. So I must have been too busy playing the string game. smile. ha ha. We had a blast with all of you! Tell Riley good job on his band concert. very cool. Love you guys!