Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Sugardoodle has THE cutest little projects on it for this poem. The cutest one I haven't cut out yet & done but its all in color & so cute. Ashlynn has loved these projects because of the animals.

This one in the bag is her favorite. She carries it around & sings the song it is so fun.

It gives us something to entertain her besides t.v. which she does way to much of.


Mothers day was a great day. We had my favorite spaghetti dinner, Visited J.D.s family which is always fun, when we got home some of the cousins came over & it was fun to hang out with them. It was a beautiful day which is a rare treat these days. The boys stayed entertained outside which is always a great thing.

I think they loved that the dads and grandpa joined in the fun.


The kids have LOVED blading lately. Well Ashlynn wants to join & is not quite big enough. This upsets her very much. Well Britton with his HUGE heart does not like his little sister to be upset about anything,

So he shows her how to put them on. Then proceeds to put them on her & after she falls a few times she gets mad hits her cousin is sent to time out gets even madder crawls on the recycle bin. Thinks its fun & cute until we make her get down

Then she does what she ALWAYS does when she is told NO

SCREAMS! The girl hates to be told no. She is stubborn as a mule & keeps us on our toes. That is why we LOVE her so much. You love those you serve & she gives us new adventures & things to laugh at every minute of the day.

Britton was so excited to see Toby. We have not seen Wendy & Todd's kids FOREVER it seems like. They had lots of fun together.

Riley came up in this outfit today and was so excited to be wearing his Iraq shirt & army shorts. He sure misses his dad.

Ashlynn wore her Iraq shirt to bed last night & slept better than ever maybe its a good luck charm.

Alyssa has a concert tonight & is so excited. She loves choir.

This is Ashlynn refussing to come back inside after taking a picture this morning. GOTTA LOVE HER!

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  1. What a good mom u r. I really need to go to sugardoodle, it looks so fun! I love all the cutre pictures. the kids are growing fast! love you