Saturday, June 26, 2010


We were outside yesterday & as we were walking home from the church the sprinklers came on. Ashlynn thought they were AWESOME. It was so funny to watch her play in them. I love how little kids are so amazed at all the little details of life all around that we as adults sometimes take for grantedJANAS SOOOOOOOOOOOOO VERY FUN

We went to Jana's this week & it was so much fun. We went to this HUGE water park & the kids had a blast. We didn't get to many pictures because we were tooo BUSY playing.

Ashlynn kicked my butt. She never stopped moving. The girl has NO fear at all. She loved the water slides and had No problem going on the kid ones alone. I even SHOULD receive MOTHER OF THE YEAR because I LOST HER. Who loses a 2 year old at a water park. Who goes to the lost & found not for a towel or sunglasses but their KID? Yes that would be me. So to get her to hold still for a few seconds at the end of the day I bought her a sno cone which she LOVED!

I love this picture! Kids are so good at sharing when they aren't screaming about it.

The boys decided that looked like a treat they should have as well.

And once again everyone just joined in to share, too cute.

You can see in those boys eyes they have played hard. We were at the pool about 7 hours & they just ran & ran from one thing to the next ALL day.

Jana's house has so many cute toys. Ashlynn was in heaven.

It was a great couple of days!

The boys doing dishes LOVE IT!!!!

These videos are pretty much the same. The top one is shorter, I loved parts of both so I just put both of them.


  1. Hey Lori! Just wanted to pop in and say Hi! Your kids are all getting so big. I love the waterpark pics. And don't worry--I am pretty sure every mom has 'misplaced' their kid every now and again. I would panic too. I life is going well, I miss seeing you around. We are now in the Raccoon River ward, and it just isn't the same as good old Waukee.

  2. Hi! I wish you would have called when you were over and we would have met you somewhere! It looks like Alyssa wasn't with you. We would love to have her come over and stay for a few days. Let me know when would be a good time!