Saturday, June 5, 2010


Scott & Rae have been up camping at big springs so today we decided to go hang out with them. My dad loaded up the trailer & off we went. The kids did really good on the way up. The last part of the drive home was a LITTLe crazy to say the least. Ashlynn loved being in the outdoors & you had to watch her like a hawk. She wanted to get in the water & climb mountains & never come back.
Britton was so happy just to have something to do. When we first arrived Scott & Rae were getting ready to leave on a ride & Rae took Britton with her he was in heaven.

He lost his SECOND tooth for the day. My dad gave him some Taffy & it made it bleed then I pulled it out the rest of the way. He was pretty excited. He lost the tooth though & is pretty scared the tooth fairy won't show but I am pretty sure she will:)

Lunch was fun britton teasing Joanna & joanna being a great sport about it.

My Dad was great all day. Helping with kids while I went on rides & just making it a great day. On the way home he even stopped in Lava and took us to Fat Jacks the kids LOVED IT.

Riley & Travis eating lunch & being boys

I love how well these boys get along. They are so funny to watch just doing their thing.

Raelyn had a craft for the girls that helped keep them entertained for a time.

We went on a hike & every so often would see snow.

ashlynn wanted to be as big and grown up as Jo

This is by the spring we hiked up to the kids all just having fun.

Ashlynn getting carried by grandpa & being SILLY
Fire can keep boys entertained for MANY hours. It is a great thing if ya can keep them safe

Alyssa didn't want to ever leave she loved riding motorbikes. As did the boys

What a great day!


  1. looks like you guys had an awesome time. I am totally jealous to see you wearing sweatshirts. It is going to be 115+ again today. I would welcome 50 or 60. heck, i would welcome 85 or 90. the next 3 1/2 months are not going to be fun.

  2. it looks like you guys had tons of fun! yeah for the outdoors.