Friday, June 18, 2010


Riley went on his very first overnight scout camp out without a parent OH MY. It kinda freaked me out that he is getting so grown up.

He had a great time and returned safely home


Last weekend we went up to visit Todd & Wendy for the day & it was lots of fun. Behind where they were camping was this hill the kids had fun climbing


These 2 were so cute all day and for the most part actually got along. They both LOVE the dog & would not leave him alone. If Ash ever had a dog it would have to be a very nice & big one otherwise it would eat her or she would smash it.

Wendy had play dough that kept them entertained for a few minutes. It was so cute

Everyone is of doing whatever Alyssa is still trying to come down the hill:)

Todd was great with the boys all day. He helped Britton learn to ride a ton & Toby was great about letting him.

Britton could not convince himself to stop. However after Todd helped him & Wendy explained some things he actually figured it out & did a pretty great job.

This traior kept these 2 entertained FOREVER.

Todd hauled these kids around while he rode behind Britton teaching him to ride

These 2 also had a great day riding around, coloring & hanging out all day

As always the fire keeps every boy entertained
Wendy made us all this amazing dinner with chicken cobbler & potatoes.


The boys started golf tournaments today & are LOVING it!

Todd following Briiton around so he can learn to ride the motorbike without running over someone & 2 little girls just happy to have freedom.

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  1. great pictures of everyone having fun. the only things missing from the pix are YOU and me. Thanks for the updates. i like to see what youguys are doing. i love you all.