Friday, June 4, 2010


Daxon was determined this year he wanted a fishing pole. I said Dad is not home what are you going to do with it. He replied use it, you will take me. Needless to say I have a 25 dollar license & tomorrow we will be going fishing for a second time. We went last week & Gramps (phippen) came & helped out the boys. They loved hanging out with him. Daxon is such a great kid he makes people happy. He is so obedient to his teachers & loves to be with friends. He is above all his FATHERS boy. When J.D. is around you cant separate the 2. Yesterday he would be building the star wars ship that his grandpa gave him & I would look at him & his little lip was just quivering. The day before his birthday he out of nowhere ran outside & started sobbing. Anyone who knows Daxon Knows this is not normal. I took him to dinner & I said what is going on ? He got all mad & said NOTHING then he started sobbing again & said "MOM I really miss my dad. It was heartbreaking. He cheered up while eating steak which is something that would cheer his dad up as well. Daxon can fix ANYTHING, figure out any maze & put anything together. He needs to eat do NOT let the boy get hungry. He loves golf, and anything that involves the outdoors. JUST like his DAD!

I think Riley and Britton were as excited about the new fishing stuff as daxon was.

I realized while putting these on here I did not get a picture of Daxon & the star wars ship my dad got him. He spent ALL Day putting it together & wanted to do nothing else. He did an amazing job al by himself I was way impressed. When he wakes up tomorrow I will remeber to get a picture. It is really cool.

Daxon has been wanting to read candy shop wars. Mostly because riley said how great o a book it was.

J.D. sent Daxon a golf bag & hunting vest. I have never seen such joy from a boy opening a present. The boys took hunters safety in April & are so excited to go hu nting this winter with Dad.

This is suppose to be a snickers ice cream cake. Ya I don't have a lot of talent in the cake decorating department but oh well it did the job.
Daxon is such a fun kid so thankful that I get to be his mom.

Ashlynn loved it.


All year Brittons friends younger than him have been loosing teeth. He has not lost any until today & he lost one & has another ready to come out. He has been so excited. The other day the kids were saying the tooth fairy wasn't real & I said if you think that he will never come to you ever again. Well tonight before bed Britton is caring around his tooth singing OH I BELIEVE IN THE TOOTH FAIRY yes I do . It was really cute.

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  1. Wow, it looks like Santa Claus came for Daxon's birthday. And when did Britton get old enough to be losing teeth? I really like the pictures and commentary you put on here. It helps me feel connected (sort of) to you guys. I love you all!!!