Friday, June 11, 2010


These 2 girls are growing up WAY to quikly. It is FREAKING me out.
The other day Todd & Jeremys families came down on Sunday & the kids all had a blast. Most of the time Ashlynn & analyn got along which is ALWAYS a good thing. They must be growing up. Man that always happens so fast.

Riley is always so adorable with the little ones MOST the time if he thinks his playing might be disrupted from being in charge he is freaks don't get in the way of the boys freedom!

I am not sure what troy has but Ashlynn sure thinks it is pretty awesome.

This moment was SOOOOO Funny. The other day at Costco I bought ice cream cones. I didn't buy icecream yet. Well Laceys little boy Nelson was happy to be just eating a cone. Ashlynn wanted one so I gave her one she went to the freezer to get the ice cream & found their wasn't any. She was MAD she crushed her cone threw it on the floor & repetedly stomped on it & protested. I said in a firm voice ASHLYNN. She ran over got the broom & started acting like she was sweeping it up. It was really funny

They are thinking HEY why does she get a sippy? My response her mom doesn't have they energy to take it. SHE is a pushover!

So all the parents are visiting, and after a short time we think where is Ash & Annalyn? They are in the bathroom. I think I may need to toughen up & potty train Ash. I had all my kids potty trained at her age. With her I just really don't even want to start.. She is so stubbern. It will be smooth sailing or my fear rebelious & it just sounds like so much work. Yes I am being a baby.

Ashlynn LOVES Dora & could watch it non-stop. Alyssa did her hair today & it looked so adorable.

J.D. has AWESOME connections in Iraq, LACEY has an AWESOME movie room, and it's not the most beautiful summer weather, so yesterday the kids had fun watching "How to train your dragon"
on the big screen. Thanks Jers for setting us up with cool movies all the time.

DO ya think they like the movie?

I love it I think it is one of the cutest disneys in a long time.

Britton had a friend over the other day & they went outside to play in the water in about 10 minutes came in freezing so what did they do ? Pop popcorn & watch How to train your dragon. Jers you have helped me have a great babysitter. You are helping with the kids and your thousands of miles away. I would say that deserves a #1 Father award for sure!

LACEY'S Super fun HILL

I know this picture is blurry but I think it is so cute. These little kids took the bikes up the hill over & over. Ash was NOT happy when we had to leave.

What is it with BOYS & FIRE

With this weather I think the boys have had fires at least 3 or so times a week. I don't know what it is about it but it can keep them busy & entertained for hours. Yesterday they were all playing wii. I said go outside & cook smores. I didn't have to ask twice they were outside & all having fun. It seems they can fight & fight when watching t.v. or playing video games but something about a fine they calm dowm & are just happy to be there.


This little girl loves the freedom of being outside. She has Ashlynn loves Katherin's yard. She could live in it. I love watching her jump on the trampoline it's so cute.
As I was watching the movie I thought WOW she has big feel. They are up to a size 8. That is big for a 2 year old. She loves shoes. She takes different ones on and off ALL day long.


  1. OH, It all looks so fun! All your cute pictures make me cry, I miss you all so much. I miss all the fun family get togethers, all the kids grow so fast.

  2. You guys are having so much fun without me, i hope i don't ruin it when i come home. Enjoy the weather while you can. It was 117 degrees today. it is hard to even breathe when it is that hot. anyways, i can't wait to do fun stuff again with you, my favorite people.

    I miss you all.

    Love, JD