Sunday, July 11, 2010


The other day we went out to Ross park. As we went to leave Ashlynn jumped on this rock & was like "YOU CAN"T get me". I said all stern like ASHLYNN come on. She turned around and acted like she was praying. It was really funny.


Trisha had a big party this year & it was sooooo much fun. It was great visiting , eating, just FUN FUN

One of the kids favorite was singing & dancing to the Karaoke machine

At one point I was watching Ash and she was looking pretty PATRIOTIC. Then Miley came along & wanted to steal some of her fame & she responded as she often does ROTTENLY
These pictures crack me up

I love how Miley is just holding out the flag like its a game

Then Ash reaches across with this death look. I will take that flag.

Miley is determined you will not get this flag her face still as if to say HA HA HA.

These boys wanted to build a fire even though it was sooo hot outside.

My aunt Bonnie & cousin Michelle were home from Missouri. It was so fun to visit with them. They lived next door the whole time I was growing up & I miss being their neighbor.

Brandon played with the kids on the trampoline FOREVER. The kids all just love him.


When the time came to break out the fireworks the kids went crazy.

Ashlynn & Annalyn were fine to not participate & just play on the lawn.

I love how all the kids are reaching like me me me .Then the dangerous ones came out & we all went behind the fence. Except ash she went in the house they scarred her to death.

ON our way to Granny's for a picnic.
Erin & Dave are moving to Vermont so the other day some of us got together for a good buy party.

Alyssa took some pictures of herself & I thought this one was super cute.

Britton & Lucas played so well but unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of them. This is the new Hydration pack Daxon had just got & was showing Lucas how cool it was .

Sheri was playing with all the little kids & they were in Heaven.

This is Ash in her own little world while Seth is running around.

I love this picture of Ash & aunt Sheri

I loved these videos

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  1. great pictures! Ashlyn is so cute, cute as I remember her as a baby!