Friday, July 30, 2010

The tans will fade, but the MEMORIES will last FOREVER.

This has been such a FUN FUN week. My sister Jana came down & her , Lacey , My Sister Trisha, Brandon & I took our kids to Bear lake & stayed the night. Raelyn & some friends came up on Thursday & played all day at the beach with us & it was soooo much fun. The weather was perfect & the kids all had a blast as did the adults. Ashlynn was so good all day & loved having her own space to run & do whatever she wanted.
The boys were all so good all day. They built sandcastles, pools, & anything & everything they could.

It is so nice when your kids can be covered in sand all day, run out in the lake & wash out. NO WORRIES love it.

Staton was pulling Britton around on the board & he LOVED it.

Sterling was helping him & Britton thought he was in Heaven.

On the way down the kids had to go to the restroom so rather than stop again we made them eat at the gas station. The tables were all taken so they had to eat outside on the curb.



The kids all played all day so good

One of the greatest things about Bear lake is the kids can walk out forever & it stays soo shallow

After awhile a bunch of the kids decided to go out to the dry sand & play because they liked that it was warm. It was burning HOT.

Alyssa was so adorable all day playing with the different kids .

Ashlynn was usually wherever she could get the most dirty.

Miley & Jaxson just playing around


Riley & Travis were building & digging most of the day.

I love how dirty ashlynn is in this picture. I kept putting sunscreen on her so all the sand was sticking to her. It was funny.


Daxon & Houston are like 2 peas in a pod

All the little ones just happy to be doing whatever they want.

Alyssa getting ready to go out on the boat:)


Ashlynn & Hannah were covered from head to toe all day long in sand

Jana & I loved the freedom that Bear lake gave us

The kids loved this little raft. I loved it until the kids went out farther than I felt was safe.

I bought this shade thing BIG waste of money we didn't use it at all. Wish i would have saved my money.


I could not get Ashlynn to drink but she would eat grapes so I tried to make her stop every so often I would dump water in her mouth she would spit it out & then I would let her eat grapes to get some liquid.

12 kids in a hotel CRAZY FUN

End of the day going to the playground to eat PIZZA.


The resort we stayed in was so awesome. It was huge & had a great pool.



This summer I have LOVED the lunch park. The boys are kinda crazy some days but they are no matter what. It is a nice break in the day & I love not making a new mess to clean up.

This is a great picture . It shows a fiesty little girl & that is Ashlynn perfectly.


Alyssas birthday&

Alyssa has always had such a huge celebration on her birthday. The town even has a parade for her. It is great fun. This year she got a camera & she has LOVED IT!!

Before the parade she was very camera happy & got some pretty cute pictures.

The other day Sheri came & took Britton for a sleep over. They went to Craigos for dinner. Sheri built a tent with him & they found one of Jds old trophies and put it at the opening. Britton had so much fun & it made him sooo happy. He could not wait to go he waited all day for her to come. He has not stopped talking about how much fun it was.

Back to the Parade

It was so cute Alyssa had all the kids building pyramids so she could take pictures. They were having so much fun.

Mindis little girl Hallie is always so motherly to ashlynn. It is adorable.

Waitin for our CANDY!!


Alyssa & her friend Alyssia had birthdays on the same day. Trisha was super nice & took them to ross park swimming.

Then she took them to the salon & did them all up cute.

Her & I went out on a date that night to the movie & to eat. It was really fun. When we got home we did Ice cream & cake the kids all loved that part of the day.

I loved going out with my 14 year old daughter. When did I get old enough to have a 14 year old? The boys babytsat & did such a great job. They took Ashlynn on a bike ride & went to see dogs & some horses. They were all so happy when I got home, that made me really happy.


  1. Love this post Lori! Very cute pictures! I love you family. You guys are the greatest! It's been a fun summer.

  2. I am sure missing out on a lot. at least it was nice and not 125 degrees. i will definitely not miss that. i could go for 90 or even 95. i love the pictures, lori. thanks for putting some of you on here. i can't wait to hold you all in my arms again.
    love, jd

  3. Lori you are amazing with your kids! They look like summer has just been a blast! Thank JD for us and all that he is sacrificing. We really appreciate him!! You guys are wonderful!