Saturday, July 3, 2010

TOO MuCH FuN WhatS that Mean?

Today was the 4th of July parade in Inkom. It was really fun this year. I am not sure if it was because the parade was better or because my kids are getting old enough to not be TOTAL work.
These boys made a bundle. They got so much candy at one point Dax is leaning over & says man this is really hard work. WHAT kind of generation are we RAISING?

Alyssa was helpful to Ashlynn. Not that she needed it she was under the moto of NO CANDY LEFT BEHIND!!! She wanted to make sure to get every piece.

Britton was just happy to be out & not home saying I have NOTHING to do. I keep telling him things to do like pick up the yard, clean up the kitchen, fold that batch of laundry he just says that isn't something to do.

This is Ashlynn being so happy to get candy candy candY

Boys playing football. Don't be fooled these boys were killing each other & I said smile for the picture they did a great job at putting on a were best friends face.


NOTHING & I mean nothing could scare this girl I think she will be a stunt person when she gets older.

She loved this slide & I had to stay close by because she kept trying to say hi & climb over the edge at the top SCARY


This si the way home these girls were WIPED out!

These girls had a blast together hanging out & trying to talk each other into jumping off the platforms.

The kid jumping is Riley he decided to get brave & made it to the second platform.

When swimming eating is ALWAYS a fun part of the day

I loved Alyssa face in these pictures. She is such a JEWEL.. You could not find a better big sister she is amazing and so helpful.

This is my Ashlynn trying to go up the wrong side of the slide because it was soooo much fun.
Riley loves to carry Ash around on his back & She LOVES it as well.
This little water dog thinks she can swim much better than she really can.

The other night the kids slept out on the tramp. I say BAD idea it always makes kids go to bed late & wake up early both bad ideas. I say inside sleeping from now on.

They sure had fun however.
I put up the banzi the other day & it was soooo much fun. It kept the kids busy the first day for hours. Since then not so much but at least it took care of one day right.

I have noticed the younger kids love it much more than the older ones. So sad my kids are getting to old for SOOO many things. Where does the time go?

Ashlynn loved those cookies Grandma Phippen buys. She eats the frosting & leaves the cookie its tooo cute!


Britton was in 2 seasons of baseball in a row this year. WOW it has about done us both in. He loves it & is doing really good this season. He loves 1st base & batting the most.

Just had to add
This is kinda in the wrong spot but I had to add it soo adorable. Thes 2 can really NOT get along at times but when they do it is so fun to watch. These are just some fun videos from things we have been doing. I love the mud one BOYS will be BOYS.

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