Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Well we are back home in the great state of IOWA. The neighbors & our ward were good to use beyond belief. When I think of Tender Mercies I quickly think of my ward. As we arrived home we had a HUGE swing set in the back yard full of sand with welcome home written in it. One of our good friends makes these swing sets & as you can see does an AMAZING job. I still sit in my back yard & just smile that it is really in my back yard, truly humbling indeed. Some other ward members helped put it together & I am thinking "WHO DOES THIS KIND OF THING?" OUTSTANDING people indeed. I so lucky to be in a ward with so many wonderful people. We were also welcomed with a delicious meal in our freezer, peanut butter bars that were to die for. Dinner was brought in one night & a meal was in our fridge. We were greeted with love & kindness from many . Just the other day my neighbor brought over chips, dip & a free papa murphy's coupon.
I am so in awe at my many many great blessings. I have an outstanding family in Idaho & an outstanding ward family & neighbors here in Iowa it just doesn't get any better than that.
Ashlynn was the first kid to dig into the sand pile & has not left it much since.
In the evenings most of us can usually be found hanging out in the backyard playing on the swing set. The older kids are so great at playing with the younger kids on it. Ashlynn & I had a picnic in it yesterday & she thought that was great fun.
The other day I also found some of the older neighbor kids playing in it also. I thought they were all pretty cute 3 boys keeping Ashlynn entertained. As if the sandbox was not enough.
I was not able to get pictures the first day due to the excitement of everything I FORGOT!!! I did remember the 2nd day that I should do that so here they are. AJ is LOVING school so far.
Riley gets to go to the new school this year & is also LOVING it.
With seminary Aj is up at 5 every day & Ry is up by 6:30. I am so not use to that early has never been my thing. I guess I will become one.
We are so happy about Brit's teacher Daxon had her & we LOVE her. She is one of those teachers who go above & beyond. Brit comes home so happy everyday.
Daxon is also loving school. 4 kids & they are all loving it soooo HAPPY about that.
This is the group that rides to school together. We have such great neighbor kids.

My Dad brought us home & did so much to help us get unpacked & he drove all night to get us home. We have LOVED living with him this last few months & could have never survived without him. He was way to good to us we miss him soo very much. He took the train he did not LOVE it. He has convinced me that will not be my form of traveling to Idaho oh probably ever.
My aunt Louise makes the BEST cream puffs with ice cream & hot fudge. She had all the family over before I left to have some & once again they were delicious. We all had a great time. She is such a fantastic lady.
Riley turned 12 the day we left. Before leaving we all met out in raft river for some fun on the water slides. We all had such a great time & were so happy to see the cousins for awhile before we headed out. I can't believe Riley is growing up so fast. He is such a great kid & makes this family so very happy. He is strong & stands up for things that are good & right. He is tender & always has a way of making you smile. He loves playing with friends & just doing anything that does not involve work:)
Grandpa helped the zoo of kids all get some cake.
What a great looking bunch of kids. We are sure going to miss you all!


  1. welcome back! are you in the same house as you were before leaving??

  2. Loved this post! I'm so glad to hear that you have been welcomed home so warmly! looks like you have amazing neighbors and ward! Your kids are so cute! AJ is looking so grown up! I'm glad they like school. I think about you all every day. You are the best! love you all!

  3. I think about tender mercies too. I have six of them in Iowa right now. i, too, am eternally grateful for how good people have been to my family. you have all made such a difference in our lives. we have so much to be thankful for. Lori-i love you.