Friday, August 6, 2010


Monday night Scott & Todd took the boats out & we had a blast. My kids were in heaven. They are always so great about letting us in on the fun toys they have.
I have no time but thought I would put these pictures & videos up for Jers to see.
The kids all loved water skiing and almost all of them got up on skis.

Some of us were not so lucky. But it was fun trying

Raelynn & Lacey were amazing.

The kids also had so much fun on the tubes.
All the kids loved just riding in the boat also.

I love being on the beach because it is one time Ashlynn is not total work she can roam do her thing is happy & that makes me happy.

Britton got up on his 1st try. I was way impressed

Just having fun

Riley did great, It took a few tries but he got up & stayed until we let the rope go because we on the boat got tired of watching.

Dax was so happy as he skied around.

I was totally uncoordinated & never got up but only tried 3 times.

The little kids are adorable playing together.

I cant believe I am putting this video of me looking so uncoordinated but it is pretty funny how not good at this I am & Britton my 7 year old was pretty awesome. I thought Riley & the kids on the tube look like they are having soooo much fun.

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  1. My family has mad waterskiing skills. I guess i will have to get a boat when i come home from the desert. You guys are awesome.

    Love, JD