Saturday, August 14, 2010


We went camping this last week and it was soooooo much fun. It rained non-stop & my back was killing me so we came home early. This did not make my kids very happy they had 24 hour round the clock fun. I cried most the way home knowing this was my last BIG family get together in a very long time. I have such a great family who are ALWAYS sooo good to me & my kiddos. We are truly blessed by them.
This is right before we left the kids were catching fish & having a great time in the water. Ashlynn loved being in the water & was usually wet by mid-morning daily from walking in shoes, jeans, & all.

Daxon & Houston were pretty happy with these fish they caught by hand

Ashlynn LOVED camping. She also LOVED all the dogs that were around. The girl really needs a dog, to bad her mom is not up for that extra job.

I watched Ash & annalyn go into the camper I went in to see what they were up to & they were having a great time jumping on the bed.

These three were so adorable together. Just hanging out doing crafts, 4-wheeling, or taking pictures of each other.

Mark took the boys to shoot Zacs gun they all thought that was pretty cool.

These 2 little ones are picking up left over pin ya ta candy of the ground YUM YUM:)
Before we left the girls all gathered for a fun picture.
These kids are all trying to get the most candy off the ground. They are all sooo cute.

I LOVE these girls & am going to MISSSSSS them SOOO much .

These boys slept out in this tent. The one night it was pretty late & I went to check on them, they were still going mighty strong. Having a great time being boys.

These boys slept in a different tent & watched fat Albert every night & repeated the lines to it all day.

What a great part of camping. Cooking smores at night around the fire.

Britton was a bit craZY about riding motorbikes, A girl one a boy one it did not matter. He simply wanted to ride one.How lucky he is to have such great uncles who let him..
Daxon & Riley were a bit braver this year & are getting to where they are feeling pretty comfortable. I'm not sure if this is a good or BAD thing.
Wendy took Ash on a walk & helped her discover her LOVE for gathering ROCKS. This kept Ash entertained for hours.It was so ADORABLE.

AJ loved cruising around on the 4- wheeler. I loved it because most the time she would take Ash with her & I would get a break.This is AJ doing her cool dancing moves :)Wendy is just helping with Ash & letting her think she is soo big riding a bike.

I LOVE LOVE this picture. What a blessing it is to have so many cute little cousins.
The BOYS LOVED the fire & whenever it was raining they would get the BIGGEST fire going. It was amazing how well they kept the fire going in the rain. I was impressed.


I am not sure what Jana is telling these boys to do but they sure do look happy.

The kids favorite playing in the water. Ash loved laying over the bridge pretending to fish.Wendy brought all her beads & taught us how to make watches. It was super fun & I can't wait to try & make some more. She sells bracelets & watches & she is so talented at it. They are always so neat looking. We all loved having her help.Eating inside due to rain. Still having a great time!
Motorbiking. What the boys loved to do.Loving Life
Sisters by chance, friends by choice!The 3 musketeersThose darling 3 girls said we really want to take a picture of you guys so we all stand together & 1 clicked the picture while the other sprayed us with silly string. It was a great laugh.
We bought moon sand for the kids BAD IDEA!!!!! NEVER EVER buy that stuff. it is even messy when you are outside camping YUCK!
These 3 cute girls slept in this tent & man did they have JUNK all over in it JUNK food that is.

I bought these GIANT size marshmallows at win co & the kids LOVED them. They could not eat a whole almost because they were way toooo big required a full Hersey bar & 2 full size Graham crackers YUMOOOOOOO
Kids always Love Grandpa.
Cooking & eating are such a perfect part of camping.As is doing crafts.
Kids ALWAYS love making mud pies.Going to catch some fish.This girl lived by the creek. She was so happy to have her freedomEveryone had such a great time & loved being in the outdoors. We are all so blessed to have such amazing family & friends.


  1. Grand Times. Looks like fun. I sure wish i could have been there. Perhaps we shall go out next summer and do it again. i love you guys. we really do have a great family.

  2. Lori, I'm so glad I finally looked at all your posting, except they make me want to cry, we had fun while you were here and I'm so thankful for the time we all had together with you and your family!! Wendy