Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Saturday was Jds Grandpas 90th Birthday. They had a HUGE party for him in Morgan and it was really fun to go visit & see everyone. The Earl Phippen children all did Tye dye shirts & it was fun to see all the different shirts & designs. Only 2 grand kids are missing Jack & Anna from this picture. For having that many grand kids I thought this picture turned out AWESOME. Other than my boys purposely dumb smiles of course.

Play Time

Not living near an Old Navy or any cool stores for that matter I decided to make sure I got some shopping in. Old Navy was having an amazing sale 1/2 off the markdown & they had tons of long sleeved shirts for this coming Fall Ashlynns size. I was so excited. I love a GREAT DEAL!!!

One the way home we kinda got lost for a minute or so. We ended up at target. When we got out of the car the most beautiful rainbow covered the sky. I loved how SOOO many people had cell phones & cameras out & were taking pictures. I could not believe the amount of people taking time to appreciate a rainbow. Growing up my mom always loved the song I'll build you a rainbow. I remember her doing my hair when I was young & teaching me the words to this song. It is about how a Mom passes away & tells her family she will build them a rainbow to let them Know FAMILIES ARE FOREVER. My Mother has been gone 7 years and 1 day & every time I see a rainbow I can almost see her smiling & saying I LOve you all, ALWAYS REMEMBER FAMILIES ARE FOREVER. I really miss her.
This is my darling children as I am trying to get a picture of them at the reunion. SO precious aren't they.

This is more the type of picture I was hoping for. These are J.D.s oldest sisters girls.

Alyssa got to go to 2 girls camps this year. She went with her cousin the 1st time and had a blast. She left today for her second one.

These darling faces spell trouble. They were being so crazy the 1st part of the reunion, as they often are.

back to lunch time.

I love that my children have so many wonderful cousins

I love how the adults are trying to get the kids to stay seated in the picture, 1 is trying hard to get away & crying, it just has so much personality.

This is the adults a little easier picture to get. 4 of the husbands were not able to come
I LOVE this picture of J.D.s parents
I LOVE KNOWING & having the knowledge that, FAMILIES ARE FOREVER
I cannot even imagine a life without KNOWING that.


  1. very colorful posting. i like the pictures. i imagine that getting that many kids to take a picture is like herding cats. i like the rainbow pics too. i haven't seen precipitation sinceright after i came back from leave. no chance of a rainbow here. wishful thinking anyways. i can't wait to see you guys again. i miss you tonz.

  2. Love reading your posts, Lori. I remember not being able to watch that church movie when I was little because I would cry too much at that song. I miss your mom for you. . . . On a different note, we can't wait to see your family in a couple weeks. :-)