Sunday, September 26, 2010


School is back in session & so it is once again going to look as is I only have ONE child. The truth is I take pictures then as the kids get home & everything goes crazy I don't think about it anymore. One of my FAVORITE things about kids being home singly is cooking with them. I loved it with Britton & I love it with Ashlynn. I think I love it because they get soooo excited about it & it's just cute to watch them. The mess is NOT always fun to clean up but is worth it.

Ashlynn learned how to wrap potatos the other day & she thought she was pretty neat stuff.


I love catching my boys playing all sweet with Ashlynn. They always say how dumb her toys are but when they play my little pony they sure seem to be having a good time Ha ha

Ashlynn is in PJS alot by 4:30 she is into so much stuff & gets dirty so many times a day that by then I just don't want to keep clothing her so the PJs go on for the evening.

She loves her swim suit but I think for this year her swimming days are OVER!!!

Visiting teaching, this month is on strengthening the family. This FHE idea can be found on the links over on the side under visiting teaching. It is a fun thing to take your sisters, easy to put together & very inexpensive. I found everything even the popcorn thing at the dollar store. I decided to use Red, yellow & blue for primary colors since it is an activity for kids.

SO FUNNY. Daxon is not one of those kids that dresses up & does weird things where others might see him so when I caught him out with his friends dressed like a clown I just had to take a picture.

the other day I passed a garage sale & decided to stop. We found this ADORABLE pink shiny bag FULL of dress up for 3.50 I was not sure if Ash would even know what to do with dress up. SHe did I mean not totally but she LOVES it and plays with it all the time. It is so much fun. The lady we bought it from was so funny, you could tell she was attached to it by things she kept saying as we were buying it & then as we are walking to the car she says Oh I am so happy that stuff is going to a good home. It made me laugh. It is funny how as mothers we get so attached to our childrens toys.


We found this rodent in our yard the other day. Thankfully dead. The neighbors thought it was pretty cool & I was thankful to have Daxon around to get it & throw it away for me.

I llove this picture Ash had these shoes on ALLLL day & would NOT let me change them. I just get a smile on my face looking at them & remembering how stubborn she was about wearing them too cute.

As I was cooking dinner I noticed it got quiet. Then I realized why. ALL tuckered out!

She had fallen asleep holding her little skirt over her it wasn't even on her. I LOVE little girls! I also LOVE that this month is almost OVER & WE only have one more to go HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY:) :) :) :)


  1. So many fun pictures. i can't wait to get home and experience all of the fun with you guys. pray we have good weather so that i can enjoy some of the fall with you guys before it gets too "iowa-ish". just a few more weeks to go. i love you all so much.

  2. Super cute VTing idea. I think I may copy it for my sisters! Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Lori, I love how positive you are!! I love baking with my kids too!! Thanks for letting me know your address it's fun to see the kids, I love ya!!