Sunday, October 31, 2010


So Thursday had MANY wonderful moments indeed. First J.D. returned home after a year long deployment. That was a wonderful moment for everyone.

When your the Father and Husband has been gone for sooooooo long many feelings are involved in the return. For us it was a moment filled with PURE JOY!!!

J.D. & I discussed often how we thought Ashlynn would respond to him. SHe was in TOTAL Heaven and has been ever since. She loves to say DAD!!! She walks around HI Dad, Oh NO DAD, Guess what DAD last night as he was reading she kept saying goodnight DAD, She loves that she can say DAD. Even on the way home she kept saying DAD. I never realized how much she missed saying DAD.

The ceremony went great but nothing could compare to the closing remarks when we all got to run up and HUG our long lost husband & DADDY:)

TIME to take our ALL our FAMILY home!

The kids loved helping Jers carry all his stuff out to the car to bring him home.

I'm not sure what they were so excited to see but I'm guessing it's a plane.


One of the first things we did upon returning home is play on the swing set. I think Jers has been looking forward to pushing his kiddos on the swing as much as they have.

We decorated the yard for him & the boys loved throwing around the football with him.

We were so lucky we didn't think our decorations would stay due to wind but it finally calmed down enough for them to not blow away.

Kids with a DADDY what a great picture.

Ashlynn wanted in on the football action


carving pumpkins with dad what a great time. I do not enjoy these projects by myself we were all so happy for Jers to be here to join in the fun.

Ash always full of mischief:)

Alyssa thinking this is GROSSSSSS

Dax who is just happy to have his dad home & insisted pumpkin carving be a first project.

Looking at our glowing pumpkin.

Movie night with dad much funner than without.


I think due to our childrens ages this will be the last year we attend this event. It is fun but they have less & less every year & our kids are just getting to big.

Still it is fun for something to do to take up an evening

It is so great to have a dad & husband as we do all these things we have missed him soooooo much. He is wondeful to have around!

Saturday, October 16, 2010


So scripture time is ushually spent trying to get kids to STOP playing or looking at Ashlynn. However I am not sure what got into her this day but she was very active in participating. It was wonderful. I loved watching how Riley was so cute with helping her.

I just love that after almost 3 years Ashlynn FINALLY joined us ONCE for scriptures. It was a GREAT moment.
Ashlynn has become soooo Girly lately. She loves nail polish, she loves dress up with Moms stuff. We painted her toes the other day then she wanted bracelets. I said no. Moments later find my laundry basket was tipped over & Ash was having a great time putting on bracelets.

1st princess party

Thursday Ash went to her first real birthday party. She got to dress up, play princess games, eat cupcakes, drink pop and play. She had such a fun time. I had to laugh at the party because as all the little princesses were decorating their crowns she went outside & played then as she finished her pop let out a huge belch. We will need to work on her princess manners.

I LOVE Ashlynns blue eyes in this picture.

Ash loved her ring pop from the party

When AJ got home from school we decided to walk over to the store & get some stuff. I mean Ash was so cute we wanted to show her off. She was OUT within minutes.

SO Fun

As I was cleaning Ashlynns room today she says look mom & she has these adorable glasses on, tons of bracelets & it was an adorable moment.

Britton wanted some of the attention so he took over the glasses & said Hey look mom I am a nerd. It was funny.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Thursday was 80s day at Alyssa's school. Wednesday night we decided to put something together & I think she looked totally 80s to me. We searched the house over & we could not find ONE pair of socks that she could wear over her pants, we have no high tops or any shoes that fit the part so she went with flip flops.
Bryce Holmes visited the school & the girls thought that was pretty awesome.

Ashlynn drags this backpack around everywhere. She loves playing school during the day. I love it until she decides she's done & just starts spilling water, painting the table & ripping up the coloring book. GREAT FUN!
The way this place was decorated was so awesome. I defiantly want it to be a new family tradition every year. I love this picture of the fall colored trees & pumpkins. I LOVE Fall, the bright colors, the blooming Mums in everyones yards, the crisp air, the yummy pumpkin food, the glistening cool mornings when the birds are chirping, the cool evening walks when your all bundled up & the stars are super bright. It's a magical time of the year when excitement seems to fill the air!
1st thing we did was buy bags of food to feed the goats.
You can go out in the field & pick your own pumpkin that is cool but they are wayyyy overpriced in my opinion. For us it would be a day just to enjoy the activities and buy our pumpkins at the grocery store. The kids were determined we should buy at least one so this is our $8 dollar pumpkin. Purchasing it gave us the wagon to pull Ashlynn into the car so that I didn't have to carry her a million miles to the car so that was worth 8 dollars!

Feeding the goats was fun. Ash mostly watched the boys & squealed with excitement it was pretty cute.
The wagon ride out to the corn maze was beautiful. They have beautiful flower gardens. It was a perfect day to go the air had that perfect feeling of fall. It has been super warm here however so I didn't think to look at the weather & dress my kiddos a little warmer. They didn't complain but it was chilly for shorts. Most people had boots & warm clothes on.
You can tell looking at all the faces they are freezing. Britton said before we left I should put some warmer clothes on. I replied it looks beautiful outside you will be fine. WOOPS!
I think this was the boys most favorite part.
In the corn maze Ash just stopped all of the sudden & starred at this stalk of corn for a long time then as she walked away she just kept starring it down. I am not sure what about it had her mesmerized but it was cute to watch.

I love this picture. The kids staying together holding hands lasted about 2 steps into the corn maze then the boys took of & we didn't really see them much until the end.
Ashlynn HATED the corn pit. I am not sure why she loves the sand box but something about the corn was not normal to her & she wanted NOOOO part of it.
Alyssa was enjoying trying to get her to like it.
It entertained the other kids for ever. They all took turns filling each others shirts. It was pretty funny. This pit was in a barn & I went to sit on the bench & as I looked up I noticed cob webs, behind the bench was a huge cobweb & a spider. I am all for decorating but not with REAL STUFF. As I was standing watching my kids this lady went to sit & I didn't mean to do this but just out of my terrible fear of spiders I put my hand behind her & said firmly "Oh you don't sit here". She looked at me like I was crazy (She would be correct). I pointed out the spider & she just had this perplexed look & I thought Lori you have lost your mind. I simply replied "but if you like spiders you can sit here." Then I thought that was a dumb thing to say, I quickly told my kids lets go & hoped I would not run into her again.
Don't eat corn. It causes MAJOR bloating!

The kids had a blast in the play area. Where they have these big hay things to play on
Teeter toters, they also had horse swings, HUGE tire swings, little tractors to ride, slides & tons more. The food was good the gift shop I would have loved to spend a fortune in but restrained myself. Britton loved this place & is in hardly none of the pictures due to his inability to stand still. It was a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. I can't wait to go next year with J.D. I really miss him on days like today. ONLY 27 days to go!