Saturday, October 16, 2010


So scripture time is ushually spent trying to get kids to STOP playing or looking at Ashlynn. However I am not sure what got into her this day but she was very active in participating. It was wonderful. I loved watching how Riley was so cute with helping her.

I just love that after almost 3 years Ashlynn FINALLY joined us ONCE for scriptures. It was a GREAT moment.
Ashlynn has become soooo Girly lately. She loves nail polish, she loves dress up with Moms stuff. We painted her toes the other day then she wanted bracelets. I said no. Moments later find my laundry basket was tipped over & Ash was having a great time putting on bracelets.

1st princess party

Thursday Ash went to her first real birthday party. She got to dress up, play princess games, eat cupcakes, drink pop and play. She had such a fun time. I had to laugh at the party because as all the little princesses were decorating their crowns she went outside & played then as she finished her pop let out a huge belch. We will need to work on her princess manners.

I LOVE Ashlynns blue eyes in this picture.

Ash loved her ring pop from the party

When AJ got home from school we decided to walk over to the store & get some stuff. I mean Ash was so cute we wanted to show her off. She was OUT within minutes.

SO Fun

As I was cleaning Ashlynns room today she says look mom & she has these adorable glasses on, tons of bracelets & it was an adorable moment.

Britton wanted some of the attention so he took over the glasses & said Hey look mom I am a nerd. It was funny.


  1. Ash is getting so dang big. She is a cutie. I love that she is reading scriptures with you guys. Britton is a cute little nerd! love u.

  2. HI Lori! love all your pics. Ash is getting Big! Wow. & she's so cute. Looks like you two are having fun together during the day. This age is so much fun! Missing all of you!

  3. Who would have ever taught Ashlynn to belch? I think it was probably daxon. Cute pictures. I can't wait to see you guys.