Sunday, October 31, 2010


So Thursday had MANY wonderful moments indeed. First J.D. returned home after a year long deployment. That was a wonderful moment for everyone.

When your the Father and Husband has been gone for sooooooo long many feelings are involved in the return. For us it was a moment filled with PURE JOY!!!

J.D. & I discussed often how we thought Ashlynn would respond to him. SHe was in TOTAL Heaven and has been ever since. She loves to say DAD!!! She walks around HI Dad, Oh NO DAD, Guess what DAD last night as he was reading she kept saying goodnight DAD, She loves that she can say DAD. Even on the way home she kept saying DAD. I never realized how much she missed saying DAD.

The ceremony went great but nothing could compare to the closing remarks when we all got to run up and HUG our long lost husband & DADDY:)

TIME to take our ALL our FAMILY home!

The kids loved helping Jers carry all his stuff out to the car to bring him home.

I'm not sure what they were so excited to see but I'm guessing it's a plane.


One of the first things we did upon returning home is play on the swing set. I think Jers has been looking forward to pushing his kiddos on the swing as much as they have.

We decorated the yard for him & the boys loved throwing around the football with him.

We were so lucky we didn't think our decorations would stay due to wind but it finally calmed down enough for them to not blow away.

Kids with a DADDY what a great picture.

Ashlynn wanted in on the football action


carving pumpkins with dad what a great time. I do not enjoy these projects by myself we were all so happy for Jers to be here to join in the fun.

Ash always full of mischief:)

Alyssa thinking this is GROSSSSSS

Dax who is just happy to have his dad home & insisted pumpkin carving be a first project.

Looking at our glowing pumpkin.

Movie night with dad much funner than without.


I think due to our childrens ages this will be the last year we attend this event. It is fun but they have less & less every year & our kids are just getting to big.

Still it is fun for something to do to take up an evening

It is so great to have a dad & husband as we do all these things we have missed him soooooo much. He is wondeful to have around!


  1. Welcome home JD! Thanks for your wonderful service!! I love all the pictures with your family together. Made me get teary. You guys are awesome!!

  2. Welcome home JD. We're so glad you are back safe and sound.