Friday, November 5, 2010


The kids hit the JACKPOT on candy this year. AShlynn caught on to the concept of this TRICK or TREAT thing super fast & could have stayed out all night if we would have let her. The older kids just ran from house to house for 2 hours and have WAY TOOOO much candy!

We had bought Ashlynnn a super cute flower costume, but she would NOT wear it. She wanted to be the clown like last year. I did not think it would fit her but we put it on her & sure enough it did. After Night Eyes (the halloween thing at the zoo), we hid it in the bin downstairs so that she would be warm for trick or treating in the flower costume. She went downstairs & found it anyways. She was sure on her decision. I think she knew Grandma Jo made it & therefore that was the ONLY CHOICE for her.

The boys having fun before they take off to trick or treat.

For Alyssa's Young Women 10-hour project this year, she decided to make her Halloween costume. I think she did an AWESOME job.

I love how Ash is so intent on whatever DAD is doing.

Riley is anything but a criminal. He is such an awesome kid. At conferences this week, his teachers could not say enough good about him.

Britton was in a different costume every time we did something. Beggar's Night, night he choose to be a karate kid.

I think Daxon was the most excited about his pile of treats. He loves CANDY.
Upon returning home, Ash thought everyone else had way more candy than her. We spent, OH, the next 1/2 hour watching her take everyone's candy & running off to hide it. It was so funny. We laughed & laughed. She is A LOT of work, but man, she bring immense joy to this home.


  1. the girls too were quite fast this year, I could not keep up with them from house to house! all the kids are cute in their costumes!

  2. Everyone is so cute in their costumes! I love alyssas, she did awesome! That video of Ashlynn is sooo cute! It makes me miss you guys so much! I'm so glad JD is home and you guys are so happy!

  3. Love all your Halloween pics. Your kids are the cuttest ever. I hope you are all happy and doing well. Your the best. Love ya and miss ya.