Thursday, December 2, 2010


Finding a Christmas tree this year was QUITE an adventure. Due to the fact that J.D. was not home for Christmas last year, he did not have the opportunity to enjoy all the holiday traditions. He was like a LITTLE kid on Christmas Eve when it came time to find the PERFECT tree. He told the kids as soon as they got home from school we were going to go get a tree. However, we did not even wait until they returned home. We put snacks in the car & went to pick them up from school IN THE RAIN!!!! Every year we have gone to this tree farm about 30 minutes away & this year we wanted to do the same. So we all loaded up in the car & were on our way to get our tree. The catch to all of this is it was RAINING hard. Jers, in all his little boy excitement, has this worried face about 1/2 way. We both new the rain would not let up, but just as little kids do, we (HE) stayed optimistic. He looked at me & says with the Christmas spirit in his voice, "I'M GOING TO KEEP GOING." We arrived at the tree farm where the only 2 SANE ones of the bunch (Alyssa & I) mentioned how crazy this is to everyone else in the car who was SOOOO excited in spite of the rain.

Alyssa & I being the WONDERFUL sports that we are, got out of the car & smiled as big as we could:). As we walked, Ashlynn was ADORABLE. She kept skipping, smiling, running & shouting "common guys." She has J.D.'s hat on her head due to the fact that the rain continued to get WORSE.

In these pictures it looks like snow I promise not an OUNCE of snow existed by this time--it is POURING buckets of rain. We all run soaking wet to our car without a tree. Well, we were out to get a tree & we were not going to return home without a tree. SOOO, in all our excitement to fulfill our mission of getting a tree, we decide we will NOT let a TON of rain stop us from getting a tree, we do what any die-hard family would do....


The adventure continues with Daxon not caring what tree we get or what it may look like unwrapped, as long as it's the TALLEST tree we can find in the store.

As we look through the billions of trees determined to find the tallest some fighting takes place , Ashlynn bruises her cheek & 2 parents are loosing the Christmas spirit FAST.

It was an eventful time for all & as the show Christmas Vacation mentions as they are out searching for the perfect tree, "it's all about the EXPERIENCE!"

has ALWAYS been our LIVELY girl. Lately she makes this face whenever she is being naughty & it makes everyone laugh. Daxon gets the biggest kick out of her.

MARY POPPINSJers & I went to Mary Poppins the other night & it was so much fun. It was for sure a new favorite of mine. Usually, after watching a Broadway, even when I LOVE them, I am ready to get up & move around. I could have sat threw the ENTIRE show again. We loved it from beginning to end.
Alyssa is such a great daughter. She truly saves me time & time again. She is so aware of "MOM is at a breaking point" & she steps right in & takes over. She cleans up the house, puts Ashlynn to bed, and just does anything she can to help. The other day at school her & a boy were the only 2 in her school invited to this thing where they were given these awards. I thought it was pretty awesome.
This year was the 1st year we ever spent the ENTIRE holiday ALONE-- meaning just our family. I was a little worried we would be bored & go completely stir crazy. Though we missed family, it turned out surprisingly okay. Jers played puzzles with Ashlynn. Her Granny bought them for her & they are a FAVORITE.
We put olives on Ashlynns fingers the one day & she left them for quite some time and thought they were amazing. A lady at the store ask J.D. if he put them on her fingers to keep her from biting them. He assured we did not. It was pretty funny.
Britton went to a pirate birthday party where he was given a really "COOL?" tattoo. He wore it around for a couple of days.

Alyssa taught Ashlynn how fun it is to slide down the stairs in a sleeping bag.
Riley taking over puzzle duty.
Thanksgiving day we were all just carefree & lazy--except for the cooking going on in the kitchen of course.

Ashlynn made a huge mess with playdough.
The boys loved the COWBOYS comeback until they LOST.
One of the funnest parts of Thanksgiving was having J.D. home. He helped cook all day. When I am cooking with seriousness, I kinda like the kiddos out of the way. He had them helping every step of the way, they LOVED it.
Earlier in the month ,J.D.s parents came to babysit so he & I could go away for a few days. He & I had a blast as did the kids. Many of the little things I have not had that I have wished I had, but always forget to buy or run out of money & decide I'll get it next time, I returned home to-- such as little plates, enough glasses for everyone, measuring spoons, a nice rug to go under my computer chair & then some.
Before we took them back to the airport we went to this really COOL diner. It was right up my kids alley since sitting still is NOT a talent they care to show.
This guy really was amazing at not spilling milkshakes on peoples heads.
Riley actually got a drip on his face, still very impressive.
We had a great time & were sad to see Granny & Gramps leave. The kids all had a great time with them and we can,t wait to see them again.
Last but certainaly NOT least I love this video of Ashlynn making cookies.


  1. WHat a cute post. Alyssa is so cute i miss her. I miss all your cute kids.Ashlynn is so big. I love her! Love the "naughty" face. TOO cute

  2. I love real x-mas trees. we don't have one now, but did as i was growing up! Did you know that Stella's Blue Sky Diner is now closed? Loved that place as well!!