Saturday, January 8, 2011


We attended a Super fun New years eve party with some friends. We all had such a fun time. The kids played WII, games, and we all ate tons of delicious food! The kids LOVED blowing REALLY LOUD toot horns & drinking sparkling cider at midnight. It was definitely a great ending to the year 2010!

Playing in the snow. It was so great to have snow over Christmas break. The boys pulled Ashlynn around the back yard for hours. She loved it!

The older boys received the shotgun (yes it is real) they have been wanting & were sure they would NOT get. Santa wrapped it in Dora paper & wrote Ashlynn's name on it by mistake or maybe just to be funny :).

It's crazy how something I watched almost every Sunday as a kid, my children think is some grand amazing thing. Everytime I pop popcorn, they all gather 'round & just stare in amazement.

Daxon is anti-girl anything, so I loved his reaction in this picture.

For a few days during the holiday we went to Omaha. We had a great time & the kids really enjoyed all the gingerbread houses & dressing up at the Mormon trail center.

I love how Ash is trying to look up the chimney in this one. I think the other kids just want her out of the way.

This was the size of the bed a family OUR size would get on the ship Wyoming that a lot of immigrants came over from Europe on. Heaven help the family that would be in the bunk ABOVE us.
A little too close for comfort!

I think I will load my wagon with nothing but beef jerky and potato chips. Little brother can stay in Omaha.


We LOVE the Omaha zoo. It is so much fun any time of the year. It has so many indoor exhibits that by the time you go outside, you are actually thankful for the cold air.

The rainforest is always a favorite. We had just spent a FORTUNE on food & they were energized for the day! In the background, notice Alyssa in some sort of ritualistic prayer pose, praying for the animals' safe keeping.

Here she is again, part 2 of the prayer pose (hang from random vine and try not to fall on head).

Daxon in one of his rare be still moments. He always has so much energy that catching him for a picture can be a difficult task sometimes.

Look at me! I'm a beautiful butterfly! (name the movie and win a year supply of all the food you buy for yourself)
For those of you wondering...YES much of the sense of humor in this post J.D. came up with.


  1. Loved all your pics and posts. It looks like you all had a nice Christmas. I'll be watching out for Dax and Ri and that shotgun. I bet they were pretty excited. I liked the Christmas PJs too. It looks like your fam has visited some fun places during the holiday. I loved it when we went to Omaha zoo w/ you all. I miss you all and love ya! Happy New Year!

  2. we use to pop popcorn in a popper like that when we were younger too. I still think that is the best way to make popcorn, tastes better than microwave. Ashlynn is getting so big!

  3. Oh Lori! You are just too cute. I love all the pics. It looks like you had quite the busy month in Dec. and a very nice Christmas. Steve will be very happy to hear that Santa brought your boys shotguns for Christmas.