Wednesday, February 16, 2011


So I am PRETTY sure I have seasonal depression. January seemed as if it was NEVER going to end. I mean, how many toddler projects can one do before they are not so fun. We loved baking, but somebody has to eat the stuff you bake. I gained LOTS of weight & thought I was going to go crazy, more so than I already am. However, the last few days have been beautiful-- in the upper thirties. February is 1/2 over & that means SPRING!!!!! is on the way. (YES a LIGHT at the end of the tunnel:) That means going to the park, on walks, picnics in the playhouse, jumping on the trampoline & not having your breath taken away as a thousand needles sting your lungs every time you leave the house & enter out into the cold. I would like to VETO January & February just go into March & let the fair-weather days begin:)

Britton may object. He learned to snow board pretty well this winter. He started out on this very little hill in our back yard & can now keep up with the big boys at the park.

I think the highlight of the season is Jers took the boys hunting & Riley shot his first deer. We have already had stew & a roast. I haven't eaten it, but I won't tell him that:) I pretend. I just can't bring myself to put a piece in my mouth after looking at it all hanging & skinned in the garage. The rest the family however LOVES it!

Our friend Spence went with them & took these pictures. I was sad to know we didn't have any & then found them sent to our e-mail.

The blind on the right is the one that J.D. received for Christmas. Riley shot his deer from the left window of the blind on the left. He dropped it with one shot. The boys are already getting excited to use in when they hunt Turkeys next.

I decided to be a good wife & mom & fix them a good breakfast before they left. The cookies were not for breakfast, they are from the day before & didn't get cleaned up.

Alyssa was in a play--Alice in Wonderland. She really was amazing. I was so happy for her. She did a great job. She had no fear on that stage. She has a real talent for being brave in all situations.

We like this picture because you can really see Alyssa's attitude in the expression on her face.


So Ashlynn and I looked forward to her birthday ALL month. We had it all planned out--all the fun things we were going to go do and then, low & behold, she woke up sick. Eyes swollen & just sick. She was still happy most the day& we just made it work . We stayed home most of the day & played with her new toys.

We did go to Build a Bear in the evening & she was soo cute. She is not one of these kids who can't decide what they want. She makes one choice & you CANNOT change her mind. I guess that is a good thing.

She carried her bear around the rest the evening it was adorable.

Britton had a choir concert & it was adorable. I love the concerts at this age. They are so fun & the kids are so happy. Second grade is such a fun age.

The Clive library has date with dad night every Thursday. Valentine week, J.D. took the 2 youngest & they had a ball. They came home so happy. Ashlynn wore her little hat for 2 days.

Friday night Ashlynn needed to go to bed, but I wanted to watch a show with Alyssa. I knew that if I laid down with Ashlynn I would fall asleep. So I decided to let her stay up & play while we watched the show. How I did not notice what she was doing I do not know. I was on the couch that is directly in front of where all of this is taking place. She came running in & jumped on my lap. I am thinking, "what the heck is all over you." I turn around to see Hersheys cocoa all over the kitchen. Next time, I will put her to bed.

Ashlynn has a hard time being nice in nursery and anytime other kids are around. I think part of the problem is she doesn't know how to play make-believe because nobody ever plays it with her. So I decided throughout the day I will take time to do dress-up with her. SHE LOVES it!

Our first day of learning how to play make-believe, she was a princess--As she always is:) We loved the dressing up & drinking juice the most.


My favorite thing about Valentines day this year is J.D. was home!

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