Saturday, April 16, 2011

WE LOVE BRITTONBritton has had MANY great moments this month. At the top of his list is Grandpa being at his Baptism. It really made a special day all the better.

SO our April fools baby turned the big 8. He was beyond excited to be turning 8. He has coveted his brothers going to scouts & doing Faith in God for so long & finally he gets to be a part of it. He is off to a great start. Working on scouts non-stop & memorizing the Articles of Faith faster than I ever could.
He recently went to a friends birthday party where the kid stuck his whole face in the cake. He has been bragging about how cool it will be to do the same on his birthday. I said no to the cake but yes to a piece.

Britton is off to scouts. I guess the evenings will be just Ashlynn & I same as the days. It is crazy how fast kids grow up & start leaving Mom behind.

Britton has been so excited to be Baptized. He received a journal for his baptism & he writes in it like crazy. The things he writes are so sweet. I am so impressed with his desire to do good things. I hope his enthusiasm sticks around. He has even been doing a great job on his bedroom lately.
What a handsome boy.

I love how excited he looks in this picture. He sure does love his Daddy!

We were all sooooooooo excited that Grandpa to surprised us & showed up. Britton asked almost every day if Grandpa was going to come. I think having him come made it that much more perfect for not only Britton but all of us.
This is a little girl Britton was in pre-school with. I thought it was great that they both got to share such a special day. Britton has always been such a special kid. He has his moments of not being capable of staying on task, he is FULL of life & energy. He has the biggest heart. He misses his cousins, Grandparents, aunts & uncles A LOT. He loves to write stuff down in notebooks, he is a big journal writer, loves to read scriptures & loves to bake out of the Disney cookbook. He has an amazing primary teacher. He is such a great kid & will do great things in life! We love you Britton:)

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  1. Brought tears to my eyes reading this. What wonderful parents your kids have!!! Also, I don't know how I missed that post from February, but I loved reading all your family is up to. It's great to know what's going on, even if we can't be there. We love you!