Monday, May 23, 2011


Britton was caught riding his little sisters bike

Riley received his 1st class.

Alyssa finished her final concerts of the year.

Jers came home for lunch one day. Ashlynn & he shared some chocolate chip cookies. She was in HEAVEN!

I love going to this place. It is about an hour from home & so well worth the drive. They have an amazing butterfly garden Ashlynn went through about 10 times. I acted like I just had to go in again because of her. I was secretly LOVING it & encouraging her. It really is amazing. 2 years ago my boys LOVED it. This year they complained it was lame I am thinking they just wanted to seem cool. Secretly they LOVED it as well:)

I mean don't they look happy:)

The theme this year is bugs. Hence the HUGE ants.

This fire pit area the kids ran around forever. Not overly safe they miss a jump & hit the rock OUCH!

They even have a HUGE gnomeo.

June is 1/2 way over & it has rained every night for a week now. I am ready to not have rain, the rainbows following are always beautiful however. A great reminder that FAMILIES ARE FOREVER:)

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