Sunday, May 1, 2011



So I recently had hysterectomy surgery. Why I was not under the understanding of how I would feel following I am not sure. I WAS CLUELESS to say the least. I thought it would be like having a baby. Go in, have it, return home & even though they say no vaccumming or lifting, HELLO!, you are going home with a baby so clearly you will be doing those things. I thought this surgery would be the same. IT IS NOT!!!! Week 1- I would have died without an amazing Visiting teacher & an even more amazing husband. I felt decent a week later, overdid it & was MISERABLE the next day. When they say "no bending" they aren't kidding. Bending equals extra pain pills. Aside from all this, I have had so many great moments thanks to a wonderful husband who has tried very hard to make sure I am taking good care of myself.

He stayed home from work a few days & I hear him tell Ashlynn they need to go get her ready for the day. I hear her reply I'm getting dressed. This is the outfit she wore for the day:) It was adorable!!! 2 pairs of shorts mismatched socks & the headband you just can't beat. (JD had nothing to do with her choices.)

Jers is NOT 1 to sit still. He planted our salsa garden on saturday. The boys had fun helping him out.

He took the kiddos out to ice cream, then to the the military museum.

He IRONED ALL the outfits you see in this picture & took the crew to church on his own.

He recently put up a basketball hoop. WONDERFUL idea of mine. The kids have lived outside playing & shooting hoops. I am not so sure the neighbors love it at 10 o clock at night or 1st thing in the morning. With some of the leftover cement he made a mold of Ashlynn's foot. The VERY funny part about that was he let it dry on the sidewalk & we had to bust it to pieces in order to get it to come off. LIVE & LEARN. It made me laugh:)

Jers went around the yard & fixed the 3 gates so they would shut properly. That way little MISS Ashlynn can't run away so quickly.

JD & I were at the store & decided Ashlynn NEEDED to have this new bike. I LOVE the little baby carrier. We were going to save it for Easter. However, Daddy thought it would be bast for her to have it as soon as we returned home. I wasn't at all that hard to convince. She is finally figuring out how to pedal. Now, if we could just get her to look at the direction she is going.

The kids helping Jers put in the basketball hoop.

Grandpa Terry left a special chalk drawing when he left (he had come for Britton's baptism). It said "GRANDPA LOVES YOU."
We must say "we LOVE U 2!!!!"

In conference, Elder Scott gave the sweetest talk ever about marriage & his wife. My kiddos are still mentioning tidbits from it. In it, he told a story about his wife & a certain letter he gave her. Well, My wonderful daughter gave me this adorable letter & it totally made my day. You can't really read it on hear but it was such a sweet thought. She is such a great kid.

Easter is at the end of APRIL. You would think the Easter egg hunts would have great weather. NOT so much. I was in the hospital that day & Jers loaded up the kids & took them. They were cold but loved all the treats. Ashlynn hit the jackpot thanks to her wonderful helper:)

Riley was to OLD to participate without a younger sibling so we made the other kids share with him. April was a great month with MUCH2 B thankful for.


  1. I hope you get feeling better soon. We love you and wish there was more we could do for you being so far away. I am proud of my brother for being so awesome to you! You deserve it!

  2. Love all your pics and posts! I hope you are feeling better and getting back to normal. Looks like JD and the kids have been keeping busy and have taken good care of you! All your kids are so cute. Alyssa is beautiful and is looking so mature! I loved all of Britton's baptism pics. I'm so proud of him and I really wish I could have come. I miss you all! Love, Rae