Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Daxon turned 11 June 3rd & was so excited to go into 11 year old scouts. He is such a great kid. Yes this is his birthday cake & yes 2 pieces are gone before he blew out candles. We were going to do cake right after school because J.D. was taking him to the shooting range & he would be home late. Daxon ended up not wanting to do it after school he just wanted to get to the range & after a day of listening to Ashlynn be so excited for cake & staring at cake I decided to let her & I have 1 early with Daxons permission of course. I was going to put her to bed. That is the main reason I let her have it however she was so excited for a PARTY I didn't have the heart to not let her stay up.

Daxon was happy to get a driver for his birthday . He made regionals in golf this year & is pretty excited about that.

Daxon graduated from elementary school this year & the last day was a little emotional. I can't believe how fast time flies. My kiddos are growing up & moving on to new stages way toooooo fast. The things I use to do to keep them entertained they think are so DUMB. Painting rocks, going to the park, scavenger hunts, going to the zoo, picnics 1st thing in the day. Things they use to be so excited about I am having to beg them to do for Britton Ashlynn & I. Daxon has a tender heart & cares much about detail. He is such a fun kid & luckly every so often lets me pretend I still have the control & he is just a little kid who needs his mom:)

The main gift he wanted for his birthday was a rip stick. I thought it would be a waste of money & he would get bored with it quick. NOT SO!!!!!

He LOVES it & is amazing on it. Everyday he just keeps getting better & even though I am his mom he truly amazes me on it. NO fear what so ever. I don't have any pictures but he also received his arrow of light award this month. It was a great ceremony. He really enjoys scouts, outdoors, friends, hanging out whats not to love right. He is just such a great kid with such a love for life & the outdoors. Our family is so blessed to have him around!

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  1. I hope Dax had a good birthday. My boys love their rip sticks and never tire of them. Looks like you are keeping busy and having fun. I miss you all and wish we could hang out together! Here's a big hug from me to you! Have a great day. All your pics are so cute!