Friday, September 9, 2011


Over Labor day weekend J.D.'s sister Wendy & her family came to visit. We were so excited & loved having them stay. Ashlynn is still saying she wants them to come back. They arrived late Friday & we headed to the Iowa Cubs game.

Britton & Alex were great buds. Britton drove with Wendy & Will EVERYWHERE. We went & clued them in on the facts about Iowa.

Wendy & I took the little ones home early and left the other children with the "ADULTS."

Britton doesn't know it isn't nice to give bunny ears to your cousin in a picture:)

Saturday morning it was pouring & we had football games to go to. The older boys left early & these little ones played with the play-dough I made a few weeks ago when Ashlynn was missing her Granny. I took Ashlynn to the dollar store and let her pick out about $10 dollars worth of stuff to use with her play-dough & it has been some of the best money ever spent.

After taking this picture, Alyssa took her camera for the weekend. & Ours wasn't working, so the rest the weekend spent at the science center & hanging out, we will just have to remember. It was so fun to have them visit. Thanks a million, Will & Wendy, for driving all the way to see us.

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