Saturday, October 29, 2011


Flag football has ended & I have to say it will be nice to not be running so much but I am sad. It has been so much fun going to watch the boys play. Ashlynn has loved attending the games with her treats & little chair. The weather has been AMAZING!! The boys are getting old enough that its actually entertaining instead of boring to go.

Dax is our mister competitive always wanting to do better & leaving the game after a win still commenting on all the things he should have done better & will do better next time. I LOVE that drive for success that is in him.

At this age the boys are ready for tackle so they are pretty fun to watch. Daxon has loved playing, he had such a great team & coach. His coach always practiced overtime with the boys & they loved it. I sometimes would not when I was ready to go home after practice. However I did appreciate it when I thought about it from a Patience mind form:)

Brittons team was undefeated even though they don't keep score :) Common it's sports of course the coaches at least are Definitely keeping score. It was interesting to play with Upward during 1/2 time they always had some spiritual devotional it was always a good thought for the day. Just a great reminder how much goodness is in the world & how much God loves us all. It is sad to see football ending because that also means fall is on the downside & I LOVE FALL!

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