Thursday, October 13, 2011

FOOTBALL-WAL-Mart & Dollar stores


Tuesday Riley had his final game of the season. I was amazed how hard they work those boys. I was not sure Riley would enjoy it. He not only enjoyed it he LOVED IT. He never complained he was just happy about it every single day that he was able to play. The final game he had an AWESOME tackle. You see the huge kid in the picture with the ball & the little kid with his arms around him. YA that's Riley & he tackled him FLAT to the ground. Riley came off that field with such a HUGE grin it was great.
His proud siblings who have LOVED attending his games.

I as many do NOT love going to Wal-mart. However I do LOVE some things about Wal-mart. I LOVE how around holidays it has such cute things for decorating cookies, cupcakes it also has fun projects to do with Ashlynn.

My kiddos are a fan as well:)

I have to say I ofter hear people say how much they dislike the dollar store. I am not part of this group. I LOVE LOVE the dollar store. All these fun things to go with Ashlynns play-dough would have cost me 3 times as much without this wonderful store. I was at a grocery store yesterday & they had the same Halloween plates as the dollar store priced at $4. That is CraZy. I am a dollar store FAN!!


Another great thing about Wal-mart you can get the same great things for a new fish as you can as at a pet store for a 1/3 the price. Ashlynn was so excited to get a fish. I do NOT LOVE having a fish the bowl is dirty before you ever get it clean again I swear.

But hey the joy on these faces is worth cleaning a bowl a few times or a MILLION right:)
We definitely need to buy a gallon of water so we don't use up all our water bottles but hey Ashlynn thought pouring the water bottles was great fun.

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