Wednesday, November 16, 2011


The other day I was on facebook & someone had posted this quote. I LOVE IT!!! I might would change the words "this world has to give." to say "that God has to give." Nevertheless, I love the quote. It made me think about how blessed my life is because I am a daughter of such an elect lady. My life CONTINUES to be blessed EVERY day because I am JoAnne's daughter-even though she was taken by the cruelty of cancer over 8 years ago. I cherish the fact that I get to be the mother of 2 beautiful daughters that fill my life with joy every single day.

I often hear moms complain about teenagers. Although they have their moments(at times many), having a teenage daughter is AWESOME!!!! I have someone to go to Broadway shows with who gets as EXCITED as I do. I have someone who wants to watch shows like Monte Carlo with me and I can blame the fact that we are seeing it on their, not my own, LOVE for younger movies. I have someone to talk to who definitely LOVES to talk as much, OR MORE, than I do. That is hard to come by. :)

I LOVE that ASHLYNN is still home. I think I cried all day the day she started preschool. It was a wake-up call that my life is changing stages WAY toooo fast. I only have 2 more years of a kiddo at home & then they will all be at school all day everyday. That makes me want to throw-up. Not that some days I don't rejoice as they walk out the door. I do. In fact, most days as Britton, being the last one to leave, walks out the door, Ashlynn & I crank up the tunes & do a HAPPY dance. But still we are SUPER-elated for them to return 8 hours later:)

I LOVE that Alyssa finally got a sister. I cannot imagine life without sisters nor, would I want to .

I LOVE how with girls, when they are little, you get to play dress up & have little tea parties.

Then they grow up and you still get to play dress up, but you send them off to real parties. That is a little scarier :0

Right now, the thing I LOVE about Ashlynn is how EVERY morning, as she comes downstairs, she acts as if she hasn't seen me for years. She runs too me with her high pitched voice, "MOM," and gives me a HUGE hug-it's priceless. I Love how excited she gets about the little details of life that we seem to miss as we get older. Her age is such a blast. I LOVE how Alyssa is so attached to her phone that I can get ANY room cleaned, keep grades up, and get good behavior just by threatening to take it away:) . What a great and powerful tool we as parents have in today's world. I LOVE that Alyssa is so into doing her Personal Progress right now. She is on fire with it. We are having to force her to put it away to go to bed or go do her jobs. Not a bad thing to have to force your kid away from. Today I am thankful for my daughters. Thank You Heavenly Father for sending them to me!

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  1. I'm always in awe of how amazing you are as a mom!