Sunday, November 6, 2011


The other day a lady at the gym mentioned a trail she had been riding out in Adel & how beautiful it was. I am a sucker for that kind of stuff. Partly why I LOVE Iowa so much in the Fall it is gorgeous. Just driving on the freeway to go to the store is an adventure filled with vibrant crisp colors. Yes I know that sounds so lame, I really do LOVE all the color and after Summer the air without humidity is golden.

Ashlynn loves this trail daily she asks to go to the "HER" woods. She wants to go see her butterfly & caterpillar:)

I am kind of (okay not kind of )I am a HUGE scardy cat to go places like that alone. Someday I WILL be brave(It's a goal:). For the time being I force others such as my husband to go with me on my trails. Just look at this cool bridge really I am doing him a HUGE favor in having him go right:)

The 1st time we went on the trail I could not get the older kids to go. Ashlynn however LOVED crunching through the leaves.

throwing them

running in them

It is a beautiful trail!
Ashlynn & I decided we wanted to go on this walk again a week later. Due to the fact J.D. was not home I forced the older kids to all go. I told them they didn't have a choice. I wanted to go & I wasn't going alone. This was met with MUCH complaining so I made them a deal. They LOVE the waukee Ice cream shoppe so I told them if you enjoy the walk & do NOT complain I will take you after we leave.
We had such a great time. The kids all got along they didn't complain that they weren't home playing with friends Riley even said "Thanks mom for making us go this really was fun." I LOVE being a Mom. I wonder if I will ever- not -have to bribe my kids to go on a walk with me ha ha.
It is amazing how bribery for something as simple as Ice cream can make an afternoon that could be a disaster filled with why do we have to do this. A MAGICAL memory filled with so much fun!

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  1. I agree fall is beautiful in IA!! I wish we didn't have winter thou!!! The trail looks like a good time. Falling leaves are fun to play in! I enjoy that as much as the girls. The ice cream looks like a fun reward to any adventure!